Sunday, September 14, 2014

Zhangjiajie scenic park - Wu lingyuan

The excited day has finally arrived! We went to visit the Zhangjiajie Scenic and Historic Interest Area or in Chinese, Wu Lingyuan, a UNESCO world heritage site!

Walking towards the entrance!

CNY 245 for this ticket, which allowed us to use for 2 days.

Going to take the Bailong Elevator!
It's claimed to be the highest and heaviest outdoor elevator made by glass.

Take a pic first~

This is considered as less people queueing.

Woooo hoooo~~~ zoom zoom zoom~~~

So excited to see first time!

Mom was being stylish. 

On the way to the enchanting stand~

Panoramic view~

I think the view would be even better if it was clear.

So grand~


You can find stalls like this in Zhangjiajie, they have all sorts of local made souvenirs you want to have.

Can you spot the turtle?

Fresh air~

Be prepared if you are planning to visit Zhangjiajie, steps are everywhere. Lots of them!

The natural link bridge!

Lunch time!

Chicken soup, best!

Limited source they have on the mountain. 

LOL, very catchy!

Well, the view was not this of course.

Unable to take a pic of it as it was very narrow, and only the photo booth photographer with a special standing place could take it.

Statue of a famous general in Zhangjiajie.

Taken while in the cable car.

Cable cars going between the mountains, so awesome!

Content was something like "ba zang"~

In China, man-tou and condense milk is the pair.

Best chicken skewers! 

Our Chinese guide.

After dinner, we went to watch another show.

The Charming Xiangxi Theatre~

We're early.

With some of the team mates.

Again, we had a pretty good seat.

The show began with drums performance.

Then singing and dancing~

Then acrobatics.

In charming xiangxi show, there were 2 stages, one indoor and the other one outdoor.

Remember to move quickly!
Our driver and guide were nice enough to reserve good seats for us.

More than 1000kg this man was holding.

Walking on the giant sword!

Another day  ended. It was quite a good show, not bad trying :)

-- Jenn a.k.a. blueyfetes --

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