Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Last day in Zhangjiajie - Grand Canyon and National Forest Park

On the 7th day, it was the last day for us to be in Zhangjiajie, we went to the Grand Canyon.

The entrance.

Looks so steep and narrow.

Not good for those with acrophobia!

Steep stairs too!

And all the way we slid down along this path~


The great mom.

It's really nice walking here. Fresh air, beautiful scenery and less crowd.

There is a sign "downhill the flying fox rushing". LOL

My mom looks so young!

Satisfied :)

Rivendell in China.


Like watercolor. 


Another cruise to go~


Lunch again.

"Old fashion" restaurant~ hahaha

Next destination:

The green train.

You can choose to walk too!

Foggy day still~

They call them the 3 sisters.

Food again, dinner!
Awesome fish soup it was!

Chicken soup is good too!

Yeah, dinner time is beer time.

fatty meat!

Oh yum! My fav century egg!

The tour guide said, without the chillies, the chef would not know how to cook a dish here in Hunan. LOL!

Well that's all for Zhangjiajie now. Next we went to Macau and went home. Since I've been to Macau, there's nothing much to write. Next will be my solo trip to Thailand!


-- Jenn a.k.a. blueyfetes--

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