Saturday, May 30, 2015

A day trip to Wulai to see the cherry blossom

Taiwan is really a country filled with lovely places with great sceneries. This is a post about how to get to Wulai from Taipei.

It's very easy and convenient to travel in Taiwan, their transportation is really complete and efficient!

First, take the MRT to Xindian station, exit the station and look for bus stop B, board bus No. 849. There will be some taxis around if you don't want to wait but the fees are much higher.

So clean~

After 30 mins of bus ride from Xindian, arrived at this beautiful scenery~

The signature red bridge at Wulai~
So beautiful like a painting!

Must try their eggs!

So different, taste damn good!

I can never resist to this press a penny machine~

Cute isn't it? ^_^

Always love to check out the souvenirs wherever I go~

Hehe~ so cute~
*do not feed me it says*

Lunch time!

Yam soup~ so darn good~~~

Very delicious ~

Fried meehoon~

So crunchy!

Love this vege~

Tasty tofu with gravy~

If you like, you can have those prawns too~

This is the vege I had.

Looks like our paku vege~

Spring water, many people dipping themselves here.

It was such a bright and sunny day~

When you are in Wulai, must try their little train~

So cute right??!!

Ahhhh~~ cherry blossom!


So beautiful it attracted a bee~

The famous waterfall~

If you like, you could take this cable car and go to the theme park.

Waterfall + cherry blossom~

Souvenirs store everywhere~

Didn't take the little train back, I walked~


Love this place! Would be back whenever there is chance~

-- Jenn a.k.a. blueyfetes --

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