Tuesday, May 12, 2015

A day tour to Taroko Park, Hualien (3rd day in Taiwan)

For such a long time I didn't post anything here! So I'm going to do some catch ups for the trip to Taiwan 17-24 January 2015. 

As per title, I will first go to the 3rd day trip journey. We joined a local tour to Taroko Park, Qingshui Cliff and Chihsingtan Beach. Fee is TWD 800 if not mistaken. For those who is on a tight budget, this is not a bad choice. If you want to have ample time and your own speed of sightseeing, you can hire taxis for a day, fees around TWD 3000-4500, depends on the places you want to go.

You have to wear helmet at all times when you're in Taroko Park.
The one in light brown jacket, he's the insane guide, which resulted to us cancelling next day's tour.

First, to the Baiyang Trail. 

Just the beginning, loving the view already!

It was quite a sunny day for winter!

Humans and nature.

Bridge to the  Terabithia.

I should invest for a better lens!

Must hold tight.

Beautiful rocks and water stream~

After trailing, it was lunch time.
It was delicious because I was so hungry!

In front of the restaurant.

Full bloomed plum blossom!

You can't see my face.

A good bright day, even the bread smiles!

The beauty of mother earth.

Can you spot those taxis?

Gorilla, said the guide.

Eternal Spring Shrine。

I think it's because of the winter, not so much water.

Red Bridge.

Qingshui Cliff. Would come again during spring/summer for better view.
Too foggy in winter.

Can't really see clearly.

Meet the mysterious lady.

And one thought she was Paddington Bear.

Freezing here if I did not have a jacket with hood.
This was at the Chihsingtan Beach.

Mola mola~

The trip began at 9am and ended around 4pm. We did walk around in the city centre and ate lots of great food after that! Stay tuned for the next update (I hope it will be soon)!

-- Jenn a.k.a. blueyfetes --

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