Friday, October 23, 2015

Mandalay 3 Ancient Cities day trip

After a day tour around Mandalay city, the next day we took another day trip to 3 ancient cities with the same driver. I will provide his contact details in the end of this post.

We went to these cities:

1. Amarapura
2. Sagaing
3. Innwa

Cost: 40k Kyat (Got discounted price at 35k Kyat but we paid 40k in the end to tip the driver)

First, to enter the city, we need to pass the office. 
Show them the ticket of "Mandalay Archaeological Zone", price: 10k Kyat

Mahagandayon Monastery.

Please take note.

Lining up for lunch time.
The monks eat before 12pm, so at 10.30am every day, they will have this ceremony.

This is the biggest monastery in Mandalay area.
Receives lots of donations from all over the world.

A monk walking back to his room.

We met the oldest monk here and he gave us this bread.
Another young monk told us that it is lucky and a blessing from the oldest monk.
We received it gratefully and thanked him.

The making of Longyi, their traditional wear.

The new bridge, only 10 years old, as the driver told us.

Funny scene at Sagaing Hill.

Yup, no foot ware allowed.

View from Sagaing Hill~

Sagaing - Thidagu World Buddhist University

It was not opened to public, so we could only view from outside.

2 mischievous doggies~ 

Lunch time.

Wood as source of fire is still quite common here.

Toilets. I tried, not a bad experience at all :) 

Meehoon soup as lunch.

How to resist this face? Gave him some meat from my meal~
He's a stray dog though.... half way eating got chased by the owner.

Taking a boat to Inwa~

The friendly boatman. He smiled after I pressed the shutter~

Horse cart - 8000 Kyat
It's quite big at Inwa, there's only horse carts avaialble.
Another option is by walk, but we didn't have enough time....
Pity those horses but we had no choice :(

Bagaya Monastery

Such good weather~

Yadana Hsemee Pagoda Complex.


Always facing the sun :)

Watch Tower.

Too run down to go up.

Mahar Aung Mye Bon San Monastery - Brick Monastery.
Built in 1822.

Smart dog, posed for a picture :)

U Pein Bridge for sunset.

Lots of duckies!

No luck for salted egg yolk sunset again..

It was quite shaky to walk on that bridge actually.

Sun's down....

Duckies gone home.

Nice colours in the sky~

Meet our driver - Si Thu.
Very polite and nice guy.
His contact: 09-259114412/ 09-43146971

Dinner at Thai Min Thar.

Mango shredded ice: 1500 Kyat

Pineapple fried rice - 3500 Kyat

Eggplant - 3000 Kyat

Soup, complimentary.

Steam fish with lime - 10,000 Kyat

That's all for another day trip! Hope you've enjoyed the pictures~

-- Jenn a.k.a. blueyfetes --

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