Monday, October 19, 2015

Mandalay City day trip

As we planned to go to a few places in Mandalay and we couldn't reach by taking public transport (language barrier and inconvenience), riding motorbike was not an option as Mandalay's traffic was even busier than Yangon, so we hired private taxi.

City tour, 1 whole day - 30k Kyat (we then tipped the driver 5k Kyat)

Places we visited included:

1. Mahamuni Pagoda
2. Wood carving
3. Shweinbin Monastery
4. Mandalay Palace
5. Golden Palace Monastery and Atumashi Monastery
6. Kuthodaw Pagoda
7. Sandamuni Pagoda
8. Kyauktawgyi Pagoda

Every tourist spot you have to pay for camera fee.

Females are not allowed to enter~

So only the males can touch the Buddha statue.

Those parts that turned bronze due to people touching it.
Maybe get good luck?

Colorful little people~

This is the local public transport.

Those scary puppets.....

Puppet show is famous in Myanmar, also as souvenir.


Process of getting a wood carving done.

Pasting the gold flakes!

You need to be bare footed which ever temple/pagoda you go in Myanmar.

Shweinbin Monastery.

Love those details there!

Please donate!


Mandalay Palace's walls.

A palace made of wood.

Their assembly hall.

Signs of age.

Shine it through~

Rain storm was coming.... 

After the rain~

Looked like the rainstorm was going to come again!

The buildings are all red colour.

You need to cross a river to reach the palace. 

That's Mandalay Hill.

Lunch time, we ordered 1 set lunch, 9500 Kyat.

With crackers,



beans, pumpkin, vege,

and desert. 

So nicely painted!

I'm unable to tell where is this place, the driver brought us here and the name and address are all in Burmese... 

Golden Palace Monastery is not golden.

Atumashi Monastery.
The dark cloud stuck around >.<

The world's largest book at Kuthodaw Monastery.

In a pagoda, there is a page, made of marble slab.

Then watched the sunset on Mandalay Hill.

Did not see any salted egg yolk sunset during this trip...

But still beautiful~ ♥

That's all for today.

Next will be a day trip to three ancient city, more interesting.

-- Jenn a.k.a. blueyfetes --

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