Friday, July 16, 2010

A relaxing weekend

Saturdays, I love. It's quite routine for me to go to class in the morning then some plans after class. Sometimes need to go to work, once in a month though.

On a random Saturday......

I went to Hon Gei Leng Chuk for porridge.
I'm a porridge freak. I have no problem to have porridge for 3 meals a day. :D

But the porridge was too hot, I took more than 30 minutes to finish it up. In the end, I late for class (only for a little). Having a warm stomach in class is the best thing ever! Like full of energy for you to concentrate what sense is teaching.

Then went to The Curve to meet my koibito.
*so long didn't meet her up, it made me a little nervous...I had butterflies in my stomach! WT*
Meatballs and fries at Ikea.

Chicken wings~~

And dessert. Yumssssss~

After one sinful meal (calculate the cals!!), shopping to burn the fats!!! Hahahaha... lame excuse.
But it's always fun to do shopping with the right person. :)

I love this dress!
But I chose to try it because I thought it would be the funniest dress ever. >.<
Ended up, it fits so nicely!!

On the right (me): Elegant lady wannabe?
On the left: Sexayyyy cowgirl. Wooohooo~~

Actually bought another dress for less than RM30!!! But..... didn't take picture in fitting room. So... next time ya?? :)

The next day.... I had planned a trip to jungle trekking. So I got up early in the morning to get all the chores done before I leave house. With lots of oooohmmmm, once I got everything done, shits dropped!!

This is 10.30am >.<
sien diao gao gao!!

Hands of businessman?
*just because busy sticking to the smartphone*

Paparich we went.
I ordered Hot choco, not as good as Oldtown's one though....

Special curry laksa! Oh, I gotta give this 9/10.
It's really awesome!!

Ipoh Horfun~~~

A bug caught in action.
*scooped it out from my hot chocolate, no joke*

Although I did not manage to carry out my plan, I still like my rest days. I love weekends to be more accurate. :)
Happy weekend my friends!!
Ciao ciao~~~~

--Jenn a.k.a. blueyfetes--

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