Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Betws-y-Coed, North Wales

One fine weekend, we all went to North Wales. It's included in our fees for the Summer Program. First, we were brought to a town called Betws-y-Coed. No, I don't know how to pronounce it, it is Welsh.

On the way~~~
All the happy face~ :)

Arrived!! It was quite a long journey though...

We spotted Walls ice cream!!
That's our supervisor cum lecturer cum tutor Mr. Alan.
The very kind and cute man that I will not forget. ^_^

Very peaceful... and gloomy.
But, I really like the weather, chilly~

Bread~~~~ poh peh poh peh poh peh (sound of bicycle horn)~~~ Loti~~~~~
Anyone wanna buy Loti????

Then we spotted a nicer ice cream and it's irresistible!

And I needed one personal picture with this lovely cone~

Funny enough, one Cock spotted.

Me and the big cock. Oh, sounds so wrong.

After I donated 50p, I took a picture with these guide dogs.

This is an interesting shop.

You can find my interesting art crafts in this shop.
These are only 0.001% of them.

Wide calm field.

Morning dews~ ♥

Cute dogie~

It's a must to do this kind of jump for us.
Hold hands some more!! Chel Chel solo jump~ hhahahaa

And this is significant to me. Jump like a Mario~

This senior came and talked to us~
I always love the seniors. They're cute, friendly, good knowledge and open-minded in some ways.

The four golden flowers. Oh no, kurang satu lagi.

It's so comforting by just looking at this picture.
Imagine you're standing right there... Ahhhhh~

Quick!! Confession!!
But I don't remember what I said right there.... *smack myself

Paparazzi shot.

Isn't this a lovely scene??

They're very good in gardening or it's the weather that makes the flowers to bloom so nicely?

Happy girl and the lamp post.

If you can't see properly, let me explain it to you.
I was actually posing as I was pushing the cart.

You get what I mean by beautifully bloom?

So BLUE!!!

Saw too many lovely flowers, had to pose like a flower too. >.<

Luckily I didn't crash the fragile lamp post.
I hope it is still standing strong until now.

The air........ was so fresh and clean!!!
Ahhhh~~~ like I can inhale some now... T_T

Another paparazzi shot.

Horrrrrr!!!!! *everyone pointing finger at Zoe

Hmmm.... I spotted one beautiful girl behind the rails...

And I hugged the biggest tree I've seen in my life.

The peaceful town~

I bet this is a nice hotel.

Will never get old if staying in this kind of peaceful area.

Even the toilets also have nicer painting at the entrance.

Someone took a picture of me taking the picture of the flowers~

So nice right?? I'd say so much nicer than those in Cameron Highlands~~~

Sharing the 45p a bar cookies I have with my girl~

The cookie nomsters!!
Now I realized, I have blue eye white from then already~

Then we got onto the bus, and traveling to another town in North Wales.
See the white dots?

See, gloomy day~ But I like! :)

Next post will be another town in North Wales and it's a bit colder. :)
Wales is also one of the favourite places of mine in Europe. Share more pictures soon!!
Good night and ciao ciao~~~

--Jenn a.k.a. blueyfetes--

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