Sunday, October 3, 2010

Japan Day

When we were studying in Liverpool, we had lectures and tutorials from Mon- Thurs. Friday and weekends were our free time. Well, more like assignments rushing time. Hahahaha. Studied hard, played and relaxed quite hard too! Not really as hard as others, but, entertainment was needed! :)

It was one fine Saturday, we went to an event, the Japan Day! Some said, when you're in a foreign country, you'd tend to go for things that have close relation to your origin. I.e. you'd search for Chinese food when you're abroad.

So, we headed to the Japan Day event.

Our theme was- Cap Day!!
The girls~

And one guy- Ivan.
Our "sister". :P

LOL!!! The stick to the door girl.

Walk walk walk~~~
This was the street, no matter where we went, we would pass through. Usually.

Once we entered, saw these 2 men were about to start their Kendo.
British vs Japan?

Us, 2 years ago.
Don't think we have lots of changes, but, no more "fresh" and "noob" faces.

With Chel Chel which had already changed.
I was waiting for my turn. :)

Wah~~~~ kire desu ne~~~~

And Ivan, suddenly turned into a Japanese man!! Hahahaahaha

Me:" Otto~~~~"

Otto prefers guai mui~~ that's why la....
See.... smiling wor~

Konichiwa~~~ Watashi wa Jennifer desu. Dozoyoroshiku~

The girls in "welcome to Japan" post. LOL

回眸一笑,特别甜美。 *呕* (我是说我自己啦~隔壁那个,回不回都一样甜美)

I think her parents asked us to take a picture with her.
If not mistaken, her name is Giorgia.

This is the master who helped us to dress up.

The proud man with many ladies around. Haha!

Another 2 cuties!!
Left: So beautiful!!
Right: Looks a bit like Lucy in Narnia.

See Jane, so foong sou~ got carried lei~~~~

I remember the stall owner said "madness" when seeing them acting and laughed out loudly.

The hunters!! hahahaha. Long bow~~~~

After we left the event, "photo shooting" session started!

We started to take all the "non mainstream" pictures.

Then the big boss joined.

Fits perfectly for the theme of "The teenager who is blur about her future". LOL

No, don't look at me. Look at the lady in black with light brown boots behind.

Advert for sunglasses. I failed.

This is the successful one. Could be advert for watch as well.

A bit of Bollywood style~

Like 2 Donald ducks >.<

The cold-hearted general and "his" seductive mistress.

We looked so sweet in this pic lar~~~~
But Jane maked it all hilarious!!

Hahahahaha~ like a poster for PDI.

Breaking on the street!!

"Goong kiu" on the street, many people slowed down and watched. HAHAHA

John Lennon Superlambanana! :D

Another design~

It was the worst KFC I've ever tasted!! Never have KFC in UK!!
But, it was wonderful to have it with all the girls!!

After feasting, we SS (syiok sendiri) again~~ hahaha


Jane's bday was coming, Pin had an idea to give her a surprise.
I agreed and helped out.

We made dollar pancakes for her~
Served with banana, honey, butter and............. NUTELLA!!!

Wah..... my noob and young face~ Time flies, there went my years~

She was very happy!! Holding the drawing given by Ivan~

The next morning, Ivan made us breakfast.
I can't remember the name though~

The bday girl, so we had to treat her like queen~

Kuchimai serving the queen.

At night, we had another surprise for Jane & Zoe.
Pin hiding to light up the candles~

Jane was sleeping. I forgot how we shocked her and woke her up. Hahahaha.
Poor Jane, well, more like happy. :P

Cake from Tesco. Haha

Look at Jane's swollen eyes!!
Hmm... Zoe a bit mian qiang lo~~~

And she continued to sleep in the kitchen.

But did eat the cake together~ with her eyes closed. LMAO!!

The beautiful and quiet night in Liverpool~ :) I miss~ A LOT!

It's really a wonderful period of life studying in Liverpool, together with my mates and true friends. I couldn't have done it without their presence. It's the best time of life. It was 2 years back then, but the memory is still fresh and strong. I love it.


--Jenn a.k.a. blueyfetes--

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