Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The "paper" tiger show

New job is getting more and more challenging now.... It's just the first week of "on the job" task, they put us to handle calls and chats, no more just email. Well, 2 colleagues are doing just emails. I haven't figured out the clear flow for processes and now putting me to these skills? It's stressful. :(

I had a bad day at work and I'm now getting sick. Migraine, sore throat, cough and flu all knocked on my door at the same time. I didn't know they're good friends and had to look for me at the same time. My head still hurts now.... OUCH. :'(

So, to cheer myself a little bit, I play The Script's Science and Faith album and start writing. At least, I can still release some of my emotions through words... I love my blog still. Well, never stopped loving it. :)

It was weekend again. This time, we went to "The Emperor and The Tiger" show.
One Superlambanana in sunset.....

A construction work superlambanana~
Not as romantic as the previous one though~ hehehe

Another one~ :)
It was a long journey... I think we walked for more than 45 minutes.
Thumbs up please~~~~~~~

Finally, we reached!! All happy~~

The crowd was quite big yo~~~

Graceful dancers in attractive colourful dresses~

I think this was the emperor. LOL
Eh, no. This was the bad guy.
Uh..... I'm confused actually.........

More like lightning for this one. Haha!

Hehehee.... this one looks like there are many mao mao chong (caterpillars) though...

Spot the "paper" tiger.

And both of them are friends then. LOL
Actually......... I didn't pay much attention to the show :P

We're just there to relax and had fun!
Like doing stupid things, like shinning the torch light to my own face.

Do you believe in love at first sight?
Someone please make me believe~

A fountain full of bubbles~ or more like foam. Beer? Beer fountain??!!!!???!!!!

And we did more pointless stupid stuff together. LOL!!!!

Ivan got his little brother hurt by this spiky chain.

Ok, I looked like on of them in Ju-On.

Balancing~~~ we're not the only ones who were watching....
We had an extra audience!!

I love the chilly weather~ ♥

Then we posed like one Superlambanana.

Yes. It's a non-mainstream and emo picture.

We actually wanted to show "the love-hate relationship".
Did you sense it??

It was just another night out we had during the weekends. It was indeed wonderful. Would never forget those times. If I ever forget then how? Read my entries here again lo!! What else?? Hahaha.... that's the reason I'm writing so back dated stories, besides wanting to share interesting stuff with you all~~~ ^_^

I'm feeling better now, are you? If you too had a bad day like me. Will try to write often now! :)

See ya!!

--Jenn a.k.a. blueyfetes--

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