Friday, December 31, 2010

Last day of the year; last day in Uni

Today is the last day in year 2010. I wouldn't say nothing much has happened this year or many things had happened as I myself is not so sure too.

So I'll just share, the last day I had in Liverpool John Moores University - The Dean Walters and also John Foster Buildings.

Time passed really quickly. We had done 15 assignments and 1 exam in less than 3 months' time. It was incredible that we all could make it. :)

This is the lecture hall.
For almost every morning, we were the earliest group to reach, not 1 day less.

With the girls~~~~~~

This is Belle. She's a very nice girl.

With all the lovely peeps. I miss the time.


A picture with the sign.

And silly poses started~

The champion in balancing? Blah~~~~

The Statue of Liberty..... with a leaf.

HA HA HA. Picture of the year. Looks like I jumped high. LOL

Introducing you, the campus centre where all our assignments were submitted to.

In front of the campus centre, there is a green meadow.
Looks like I was "half flying half lying" on the meadow, but I was actually on a bench :)

A tree hole! *without Easter egg though*

The 3- headed monster. :P

Behind me, is the library. Nice building.

This is our tutorial class, with one of our tutor, Zoe.

And this is with Ned, the cutest person I've ever seen. :)
I miss you Ned.

The Dean Walters Building where we had our tutorials.

Ivan trying to strangle my with his legs.

The place for media, critical and creative arts people~

And some pictures at the John Foster Building on a warm sunny day~
I really miss the uni life. T_T

Pretending looking for Easter Egg. :P

My noob and nerd face.

Always on the phone!!

Very easy to find this flower.... they're everywhere! Love it lots~

Happy New Year peeps!! May it be a good and peaceful year for everyone. Moving forward with hope and joy!! :)

--Jenn a.k.a. blueyfetes--

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