Sunday, December 5, 2010

Trip to Lake District - Part 2 (Lake Windermere)

After the hills and waterfall, we were being brought to another spot, which was the Lake Windermere, England's largest lake!

I just love U.K. so much as anywhere you go, you can spot sheep around~
This scenery looks just like there are cotton balls on the field :)

Reached! The green field was just too nice to lie onto~

Saying hello to a dog being locked in the car.
Zoe:" Hey.... you're shorter than me you know?"

These swans, were not afraid of us at all!

In fact, we have one human in shock while feeding them.

♪ Everybody was Kung Fu fighting~~~

So Zoe gave up feeding them. Changed me.
I nearly got bitten.

Try again.

Picture with the swans and ducks~
They really weren't afraid of us at all!!

Very nice scenery~ I ♥

If you like, you can have a boat ride here.

The largest lake~

It is just so beautiful like a painting.

The shore~

One last picture with the beautiful lake~

Spotted this cute girl with her cute dog.
I asked her permission to take this pic, she was just too shy to look at the camera.

Have a break, have some fries.
Even the swan couldn't resist itself.

Another thing I love, I can get dogs around easily. Hahahaha
It was so nice to hug him~~ it's owner, a couple of ladies, were all laughing behind me~
I think it looks like a Briard, French Sheepdog.

Then this beautiful girl (if not mistaken).
German Shepard, got interaction before taking a picture.

1st take, it didn't bother me.
Ladies laughing again.

2nd take, ok, nice. Pretty! Or handsome?

Wui!! How come you kissed her??
You 狗眼看人低啊??

These are the pressies I bought for Ivan in one of the gift shop, for his birthday.

The end~ I would say, Lake District is a very nice place to visit and relax. It's a very big area to explore, however, we did not have enough time and it was just a day trip. I'd try staying overnight next time. :) Hopefully it will be soon. Ciao ciao~

-- Jenn a.k.a. blueyfetes--

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