Tuesday, December 14, 2010

You will never walk alone - LFC

Yes, it was a day trip to visit the famous Liverpool Football Club, The Kop! You will never walk alone is the song, also the spirit for LFC. How I wish there will be someone telling me this, faithfully.

Entrance! *For players only*

Being interviewed. Teehee~

This is the room for players to rest.

The girls~

Proudly presents you, the L.F.C.

Ahhhh~~~ this place is slightly better and more expensive than the wooden seats.

There~ these will let you experience pain in the ass. LOL

Giving "nutrition" to the grassssssssss

The memorial mosaic~

I prefer this pic actually... although with a spoiler behind. LOL

Uh..... don't ask me who is this. hahahaha

With the trophies~

Uhm.... can't remember whether I've bought this medal or not.

Ho~ LFC Gladiator~

YAY~~~~ WE WON~~~~

Let's share the trophy aye?

Again~ ^_^

I have no idea by I have to hit Bill with a pouty mouth.

Yes, if you are a super fan, you will go broke after one round.

Of course, you have to have a picture with The Kop!

This is Richard. The LSU chairman (if not mistaken).
But I'm sure he's from the LSU. Hahahaha

It's just a short day tour. I didn't get to watch a match at this stadium, kinda regret now. But it's ok, I'm sure I'll be back to the U.K. one day. :)

Have a happy week people!

--Jenn a.k.a. blueyfetes--

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