Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy 2012!!

A few more minutes and it will be the end of year 2011, let's embrace the new year with open arms and hearts!

Let's forget the unhappiness, bring along the awesomeness and move on to the brand new year! I think when this is published, I'll be drinking and getting wasted.

So, Happy New Year 2012 peeps!

Just to share some happy moments with mom in Dec on the last entry for 2011.

The 1U Christmas decor at the main court.

The clam cupid?

Not related to X'mas, but looks nice.

Luncheon with mom at Red Yeast Restaurant.

My favourite Passion Fruit drink.

They serve variety of tea as well.

Other than healthy organic food, you can get a lot of organic dairy products here too.

Mumsy and my favourite Shredded Vermicelli Set which comes soup.

Yes, very very good soup for your body.

This is herbal spareribs.

Then it was 冬至, a month till Chinese New Year. Many families will have celebrations. As usual, our family didn't, but, mom did prepare very good food.

Superlicious curry chicken and spinach for me to grow stronger!

Her special made tang yuan with special type of tang shui~

Black sesame filling!

Peanuts filling~

And today, the last day of 2011, she made soya bean tang yuan!

This festive season is all about love and care. Please don't forget to spare sometime for your loved ones. Once again, Happy New Year and holiday~~~~ YAY!!

-- Jenn a.k.a. blueyfees --

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