Monday, December 12, 2011

Weekend fun: Watami Japanese Casual Restaurant

It's Sunday again! I just got back from work, a long 11 hours work, same goes to tomorrow and also the rest of the month!

Ok, no life. Overtime! Overtime! Overtime!

How I wish the Overtime means the hang out place. So, to cheer myself a little bit, I need some happy and fun entry. Good times with my babes!

Sushi Tei at Tropicana City Mall~
This tiny mini volcano is awesome!!

Beef, always my fav!

Breaking Dawn, disappointed a lil... too much censored, no climax.

Waiting for the pop corns!

Girls~ :P

Watami Japanese Casual Restaurant! New in town (1 Utama).

C.Y. :)

Me me.

Gyuniku Sukiyaki! Yumsy~~~

Chicken Katsu.
Nothing special? Wait and see.

When the sauce is boiled, poured in the well battered egg!
The tastiness is......... unable to describe!

Succulent chicken meat!

Caesar Salad.
Look at the egg!! ^_^

Very big bowl of salad~

Aysuage Mentai (tofu).
So cheesy~~~

Fish Roe oozing out from the tofu!!

Portion for 2 girls.
We're awesome.

Good ambiance.

Simple and comforting deco too.

Total to bill, just RM88.45, really value for money. It's just located on the 1st floor at the rainforest area in 1U. Go seek for it and tuck in all the food!!

Puffy cheeks in Uniqlo's fitting room. Good lighting ^_^

X'mas deco this year in 1U.
I don't like it, how about you?

One of the redemption gifts we got for shopping in 1U.
Another is a pillow shape of crab. hahahaha

Shopping till dropped. Really dead.

Have something to drink at Little Taiwan.

棺材板 hahaha! Named the food as coffin.

My "pills". Therapy pills.

New sneakers, time to hike more!

Work has gotten difficult and rough. How long more could we take it? God knows. Just pray that we all could sail through these rough times and good times awaiting us in front.

Have a good week ahead peeps. Signing off now, ciao.

-- Jenn a.k.a. blueyfetes --


Shine said...

hehe, love your retail therapy result!! :)

blueyfetes said...

Hehe... I love it too! :)