Thursday, December 8, 2011

1st day in Paris - cycling!

From London to Paris via Eurostar, took us only 2 hours, very convenient and fast! I remember the round trip ticket cost about 60 euros.

So after check-in to the hostel and dropped our belongings, we did not waste any seconds and headed right out to the city!

Oh! Before I start, please make sure you get one Paris Metro pass for more convenient and cheaper way to travel around. It's called "Paris Visite", where you can choose from 1, 2, 3 or 5 days pass cover zone 1-3 or zone 1-5. I got the most expensive ones which last 5 days and cover zone 1-5, depends on where you want to go. For more info, please visit website.

Can you see the peak? Eiffel Tower bay-beh~

The Seine River.

Weather was terrific!!

Sticking out the tongue to check on humid level in the air?

Like the classic designs of buildings and bridge.

Picture is a must.

Couldn't even open up my eyes >.<


The 3 girls that conquer Paris :)

Fluffy clouds ♥

Oh Eiffel~ We're coming!


It's so huge!! And that time, I didn't have a camera with wider lens.

Couldn't fit in.

I wonder how much metals have been used?

Many many people~

Another angle of the tower~ :)

These people were queuing up to go up to the tower!
I was too poor to go up, the fare for a poor student was not affordable :(

Ok, wait for next post, I will put up pictures of Eiffel Tower at night!

Another reason we went to Eiffel Tower was because the meet up point of a tour. What tour? Bike tour!!! which named Fat Tire Bike Tours. :D For more info, please check HERE. They got all sorts of tours like day, night, combo and such. Not only in Paris, but London and Barcelona too!

Me with a red fat tire bike!

My travel mates and tour mates.

We're far away from the beautiful piece of metal art.

So green, so sunny, such good weather.
Oh, and it wasn't hot at all!

Napoleon's Tomb!
Which is now Dome Church.

Zoe taking pic of the building.
Told you it wasn't hot at all.
If you wore like this in M'sia and cycle, I think u'd faint in 5 mins.

Just want to go lie down and take a nap.


Same pose again. Must hold the tongue of the cap.

I got no cap, must use my own hand.

This fella was writing, during a bike tour!

Here we went! Another destination~~

Clean roads.

Very blue sky.

Seine River again~

Under the trees~

Hehehe... I was always the one taking pics (tak takut mati nanti jatuh dari basikal)

Next, we reached at the Tuileries Gardens.

Going towards the outdoor cafe for teatime.

There were so many people sunbathing.

Still, the sky was so blue~~~~

Checking out the menu like a lady. LOL

Leaves changing colour~

Such a pleasant afternoon.
Can someone bring me back there?

Cheese hotdog or something.....

Oh my waffle! I miss you sooooooo much!!!

The pyramid!!

* check for next post for night view *

Cycled and cycled again~ Weee~~~

Then crossed Seine River again.

You can also choose to hake a cruise to look around the city.

Did you realize the trees, roads, buildings and architecture in Paris are all very symmetric?

Heading to..... I forgot. Hahaha

Lamp post.

Some monument.

There! Our guide, I also forgot his name.
It was 3 freaking years ago! Oh my!

Eiffel Tower again~~~

Hmmm... I forgot what is this again. Aiks.

Jump jump jump!

Like Eiffel Tower on my shoulders.

Side jump.

High jump!
Indication of happiness. Hahaha

Another mate, Malwin.

The girls~

Me being naughty. :P

And sunset, the end of the tour.

Took picture with the red bike before returning it to the shop.

Walking towards the metro station, saw this cute park with a cute church at the background.

Bed of flowers~

So neat!

Beautiful street.


Not ours. Waited a bit more.

Have a pic with the handsome.

Happy face, finally it arrived (although just waited awhile.. haha)!

Our dinner in a Chinese restaurant next to our hostel.
Fried Kuey Tiaw. Hahaha

Ok, that's about it. Our 1st day in Paris, fun and tired. These are all beautiful memories that I want to keep forever :)

One more day to go peeps, then the weekend will be here! Cheers!

-- Jenn a.k.a. blueyfetes --


Shine said...

wow! u look like u had fun!! :) loved the cheesy hot dog :D

You took Eurostar so cheap... i found it so exp! :S even it was 3 yrs ago, i am sure the memory is fresh! :)

June said...

gler jealous nyer org tu dh pernah pegi paris how i wish ....

blueyfetes said...

Shine: Yes, wait till the last post of Paris, such adventure we had!

June: You went to Japan, I'm jealous too~ :)

阿棗 陳 Zoe said...

U can remember most of de places we went leh............ =.= i remember nothing but only Disney... hahahha

blueyfetes said...

I remember by looking back at all the pics, for the names, I google for them! >.<