Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Bangkok Rush Hour - Part 1

As my boss is very random and makes decision rapidly, I was told on the 26th Sept that I'd fly to Bangkok for training the next day! *gasp*

I finished work at 12am, got home showered and packed, slept at 3am, then got up at 6am, taxi reached my place at 7am and 8am, I reached the airport. Instantly, I felt myself like a businesswoman! LOL

Oldtown's Enrich Chocolate, enriched and kept me energetic!

Reached Suvarnabhumi airport, went to check in at Arnoma Hotel, but my room was not ready T_T

So I left my luggage there and went to work!

Dinner time, colleague brought me to Kumpoon at Central World for dinner.
Our drinks.

Somtam (Thai Salad), the most unique I've ever tried!!
You know why? Because this one's with salted egg!!
So in a bite, there were tastes of sour, spicy and salty!

Chicken wings~

Tom Yam Gung of course~ :)

And my favourite Phad Thai!

After dinner, continued to work until 10pm (BKK time), supposed to be 11pm, but my boss was kind enough to let me off to rest.


My colleagues brought me to a pub called Tuba near Ekkamai.
Here's the lovely menu.

They serve super big glasses of cocktails!

Kamikazee (blue), and some drinks which I don't remember the name.

Vicky! My dearest colleague, such a caring person!!

Snacks for us.

One of the corner in Tuba.

The statue next to me.

The decor is really nice here~

Brad, the person who always says I'm a meanie.


Luckily it was dark enough, my eye was quite badly swollen.

Out of nowhere, we found a dino.

Brad loves it!!

^_^ miss this place.

Such a big lamp!!

Woodie!! with *ehem* ... uh.... u're a big boy?? :P


The bartender.

Got back to the hotel where I stayed for 9 days~ Till the housekeeping staff knew me. Hahahaha

The entrance.

7th floor.

My room.
Supposedly with another colleague, but in the end company didn't send her here.
Lucky that the twin beds are not separated, or else, would be scary.

Mirrors everywhere~

The breakfast. Fair.


My sick combination of breakfast. Hahahaha

Left was actually mashed potato, found cheese at the bakery corner, so took 1 piece and topped it over the mashed potato :D

They have Arnoma Bakery~ hehehe

BKK=traffic :P
See the white building? It's Arnoma Hotel.
Next to it is Big C hypermart that I love~

That's all for today~ More food to be blogged soon :P

Have a good week you all!

-- Jenn a.k.a. blueyfetes --

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