Monday, October 24, 2011

Bangkok Rush Hour - Part 2 (it's all about food)

As it was a business trip, I didn't get the chance to go many places. But makan place, I went to quite a few of them of course as needed to eat to energize myself everyday!!

1. Yayoi Japanese Restaurant

It's a franchise, I went to the branch in Big C.
There's one in Central as well.

Hot green tea.
Super cute tea set.

My cheese pork set!
It was superb to me!!
Cost only THB 139 total in bill???!!!

Can you see the cheese??? :D
Now say CHEESE~~~

The "cleaning basket" for the waitress~

At night, you can take a walk via the sky bridge near in central area.
You can access to it via Siam Paragon, Central, Gaysorn, near Holiday Inn and Chitlom BTS skytrain station.

One of the Buddha for you to pray...

Amarin, another shopping place.

My colleague told me, the mall changes this mascot to different costume every fortnightly.

2. After You - The 1st shop in Thonglor

We're the last customers, desserts at 12am *wink*

Dark Choco Frappe - THB 110

Lemon Soda - THB 70

Some yogurt dessert, FOC from After You~ ♥

Choco Mud Brownnie - THB 145
This is....... superb!! Delicious till I closed my eyes naturally~ LOL

Shibuya Honey Toast - THB 165
Another awesome dessert.
Gosh! I'm missing it right now! right now!!

3. HOBS at Thonglor
A place to eat, drink and chill.

Artsy wall.


Brad, u got a weird smile here.
Was not ready for the camera? :P

Another corner of artsy wall~

Dearest Vicky~~~

4. Swensen's.
It's a must visit in Thailand!

Hehe... cute.

5. See Fah, Central World.
Kelly's favourite taufu rice.

some soup.
It's a Chinese restaurant, but taste not much like Chinese?

No, this is definitely not food!!
A super cute puppy I saw in Chatuchak market~

Ohhhh.... poor you.
Your owner must have hated you and shaved you this way! :P

This is sooooooo scary!

Thai's version of "Yellow Man", "Black Man". LOL

6. A very nice restaurant right next to Thonglor BTS station.
Coconut bigger than my palm!

Appetizer, salad with prawns.

Mixed vege~
I feel so touched when having this dish~~
It's so hard to get vege in Thailand T_T

Fish cake!

The sauce for you to dip~

Steam fish.
This is very very very fresh and tastes sooooo good!

Even the dish is a fish shape.

Fried squid!
1st time to try such way in frying, not bad at all!

Omelete with oyster.

Last but not least, pork neck!!

Kiwi + Kelly = ♥

Brad + Jenn = fight!!

Feel hungry after reading this post? I'm sorry~~~~ :P

Have a wonderful week ahead you all!! ^_^

No Monday blue, YAY~~~

-- Jenn a.k.a. blueyfetes --


regine said...

waa..the dessert~~~ i willing to fat more 3 kg..hahhaa XD

blueyfetes said...

Hehehehe.... so big sacrifice?