Monday, October 31, 2011

Bangkok Rush Hour - Part 3 (the finale)

Every entry has its ending. So this is it, the finale of my 9 days trip in Bangkok.

With the flood situation there now, I can only pray that the water to be drained to the ocean really soon. God be with the people in Bangkok, Amen.

The entrance/ exit to/from sky bridge.

With Mr. Catman! Hiek hiek~

Mr. Yang, such a sweetheart.
*to his gf of course*

With Kelly!
She's older, but looks so much younger!

Tip Tip~ one of my supervisor.

Tarn, a very kindhearted girl~

The most active girl, Keke!
Thanks for sending me to the airport!

A few more updates of food.

Lunch at Yum Saap, a chain restaurant.

Mama noodles with green curry chicken.
A little bit too spicy for me.

So salad to help sweetened my tongue a bit :P

City view from Platinum Mall.

Heads or Tails Cafe.

I ordered some drinks like horlicks + caramel + chocolate? I forgot.

Nice peanut butter toast!!

Lunch with Catman at Ootoya.
This corner looks like the peaceful area for the deaths? LOL

Catman's food ^_^

Mine! Looks good? Not yet.

Now this is NICE!!!!

Last meal in Bangkok before I flew back at Black Canyon.
This tastes so bad I'd say.

This looks so spicy!!

Yum Yum Choco~ but a bit too sweet.

Besides food and work, all I did was hangout in the hotel room.

Coincidentally the girls went to Bangkok too~

Then only myself in the room, trying on new dresses~

This is the most expensive I got, THB 650. Love it a lot!

Bought this then only I found out it's Jumpsuit. THB 200!

I love the prints! THB 200

This is soooo good in shaping up the body line! THB 250

Some funny tees to show~

Hahaha. Do you dare to wear to work?

Strongly agree with this!!

I told myself, I always has to be the tomato, not ketchup! Hahahaaha

Now, introducing, my shopping!!! ^_^

It's Monday! Wish all my friends no Monday blues~~~ As for myself, been working since Saturday and we all have to work 6 days a week now due to the crisis in Bangkok.

Hope the flood will go off the soonest!

-- Jenn a.k.a. blueyfetes --

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