Saturday, November 12, 2011

St George's Hall and St John's Garden

The activities that I had in Liverpool is seriously delayed for too long. I feel so bad that I've forgotten some of the details!! T_T

Now I can only put whatever I can remember.... I have to update the rest very very soon!!

On the 2nd of September 2008 (yeah, 3 years ago!!!), nothing particular to do, we're all just counting down the days to leave Liverpool, sadly, Ivan and I decided to visit St George's Hall and St John's Garden.

Opposite of St George's Hall, a big spider attached to a building!
I think it's a gimmick....

The statue of Albert Prince Consort.

Opposite of St George's Hall, it's the Empire Theatre.

It's a very grand building!

The Liverpool Cenotaph - the war memorials.

Lambanana again~

I like this one!

The hallway towards the prisons.
Yes, they have cells in here.

Ivan, heading to the cells.

The nice interior.

Judge: "Order!!!"

So cute~

Jenn:" I swear every word I say is true!"

Always love the colourful glass window...

Me and St George's organ.

Loving every detail.

Some scary looking statue. LOL

After that, we walked to the nearby St John's Garden, since for so long we were staying in Liverpool, we had never taken a look.

It was after the rain when we went, so the weather was a little bit gloomy.

Road peace!

One of the memorial statues in the park.

Me and The King's Regiment monument.
This is built to commemorate his service in the South African War.

There, St George's Hall in the background.

Green~ I love~

It's a very peaceful place. :)

Ahhh~~~ I really miss Liverpool dearly. It's getting cold there now, wish all the peeps there are healthy and happy as always. Miss you all folks!!

-- Jenn a.k.a. blueyfetes --

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