Monday, November 28, 2011

It's all about farewell and gathering

It was a sad news to us all that Okumura Sensei (our Japanese tutor) would be leaving us all and back to Japan as her mother has gotten sick.

So, me and Sammie quickly thought of a farewell for our beloved tutor. She had been teaching us for more than 2 years, a total of 5 levels! It's really sad that she has left and we would be taught by another sensei.

With Moo Moo and Mao Mao~ ♥

Halo "sun" day!

So we went to The Gardens. 7 days a week and 5 days would be here, still not enough. Hahahah

Sammie gave a gift to Sensei.
She was so happy and excited.

Instantly, she put them (earrings) on~

They were sharing some stories... I couldn't remember.

So, the candid began~

Closer together ~♥

The famous "V" pose, can't be missed.

Here came the food!
Same starter.
Potatoe skin is my favourite.

Seafood spaghetti.

BBQ chicken, honey roasted, Good!

Some salad with cheese biscuits which are damn nice!

So after the meal, we took more pics!
It was such a perfect day~~ :)

Now came Ruben.

Below pics credit to Sammie's iPad~ hahhaa

We looking normal and obedient.

Happy. Yeeeee~~~~

Then we all got messy and started to pose stupidly.

Refill drinks is awesome!

Being normal again. HHAHHAHAH

Ruben trying to bite Sammie's head? and Sensei smirked at him?

Now he's sucking something up. LOL

Sammie: Panda
Me: Cat

Ok now, all piggy face!

Sensei, I wish your mother will get well soon and we shall meet again!
Take care and all the best!
May good health always be with you and your family~

After farewell, time for gatherings and meet up some long- lost friends!

So Beer Factory Sunway Giza I went, this was the 2nd time. The 1st time was all crashed, I crashed and drunk, badly. I swear I'd never let that happen again!

My babes!

My pets! Oops, hamsters.

Together~ ^_^


We've been friends since primary school.
It's the 16th year since we knew each other.
I really treasure the relationship with you, the common, the uncommon, the understanding, everything.
Friends come and go, true friends don't.
Which is why, we've come to the 16th year.

It's a brand new week again. I've applied for job transfer at work, hopefully I'll get the big shot and got the chance. I must think positively and keep the momentum going! Don't work well in personal stuff, I want to score something in my career!

-- Jenn a.k.a. blueyfetes --


阿棗 陳 Zoe said...

loce de pic u guys took with Okumura Sensei

blueyfetes said...

Me too!!!