Sunday, November 6, 2011

Food and fun activities (mostly food actually)

Some fun activities and feasting trips which I have accumulated and update at one go! :D

Which explains really well that all the fats that I've gained back. Arghhhhh!! That's so not cool. :( Why ain't I skinny??

Anyway, let's begin!

1. Vintry - Wine and roasted pork

Pin Pin, you shrunk a little.

Me! Looking stiff.

I nearly called out, can I have a bowl of white rice? LOL


2. Pasta Zanmai (all time favourite place)

Potato Salad (it's always the must order dish for me).


Onsen Chicken Katsu Pasta~

Cream Sauce Chicken Pasta


3. Haagan Dazs

We wanted to have the Summer theme in the menu, but were told ran out of glasses? LOL

So changed to Flower Blossom.

4. Dragon- i

Siao Loong Bao~

The noodles were not nicely taken, so I rather put picture of the bowl. LOL

5. Fish & Co

Had not been here quite awhile, so i went again~

Mushroom soup.

New York fish and chips, I find it not much difference with fish and chips.

random night with such nice full moon. :)

My cute red shoes I bought in Bangkok ~♥


Right after we reached and parked, it poured! >.<

So the water all turned murky and rushed rapidly!

The last time I came, spoiled my Nike.
So I came with Converse.

But people with Adidas slipped and fell twice?? *covered mouth*

7. Vietnam Kitchen

Nice environment.

Dinner, mom's big day.

Soursoup ice blended on the left and Avocado ice blended with red bed on the right.

Mom asked for banana split. LOL

Lotus Root.

Stuff Tomato.
No comment, I did not taste.

Mango Duck!

This is my favourite!
Vege and beef with peanut on top and vermicelli underneath.

All mixed! Yum~~~~

8. Sushi Zanmai

Spider Maki Roll.

Seafood Salad.

Chuka Chimni, my favourite and sushis that don't belong to me :P

Sashimi........... Uhhh......... not for me.

Yasai Ramen~


Japanese Cheese Pancake!

Look at the cheese? Ahhhh~~~ tender :)

9. Halloween in 1U

Me, Kiwi and monster. Hahaa

It's theirs party.

10. An afternoon with Brownnie at home

I'm old, but still looking good.

Smiling together at the camera!

Brown:" I'm sooooo sleepy....." *dozing off*


Brownnie is totally off. LOL

Hmmm.... you're so comfy to rest on~

Finally! I could sleep~~~~~ ZZZzzzZZZ

11. Souled Out

Brad and Tandoori + Mojito. LOL

They always serve awesome pizza!

The well "cheating" shooters with Um as background.

The excited boy with the drinks.


For Bangkok to be back to normal the soonest!

Last but not least, I've passed my exam!!
I can now move on to Advance level !!!

I want to take this opportunity to thank everyone that had been together with me these me. So much of ups and downs, happiness and sadness in these months. Without you guys, life would be so much harder. So, I wanna say, I heart you all! :)

-- Jenn a.k.a. blueyfetes --


Shine said...

Jenn, so proud of you on the last pix! I knew you can always do it!

blueyfetes said...

Thanks for your support!!!