Monday, October 22, 2012

Morning stroll around Lang Tangah

On the third day in Lang Tengah, my friends all went out for diving trip, I stayed back and strolled around the island. The sea in the morning is the most beautiful, blue sky blue sea. 

Still a bit early, the sky looks a bit gloomy.

Like the island in Survivor.

Baby shark spotted. 

When I looked down from the jetty, found this big group of fish, like a giant dark cloud!

So so so sunny!

早起的鸟儿有虫吃~ 你应该可以捕不少的鱼~~ 

Spotted plenty of this, but this is the clearest picture.
Look at its sharp eyes! Like shining. 

A sunken tractor.

The return of the divers!

Simple is nice.

After the right side of the island, now to the left!

"Boxes" of encouragement.

Hopefully, peacefully, happily and confidently, I wish.

Love You You Island~ ♥

Everywhere is a piece of art.


Further is the famous blue coral bay.

Next visit I want to try this. 

I love my home country. 

Good place for snorkelling. 

I've decided to make it an annual trip ♥

Our home country has very very beautiful islands as well....

Going to the rocky parts where nobody has stepped onto... 

Giant rock.

Blue blue sky~ ♥

Shot for fun.

Very sunny and windy~

How I love the nature.

Very very soft sand~~

The pictures pretty much tell how beautiful Lang Tengah is. I've really fallen in love onto this island and I make a promise to myself to go every year!

I just had my 10 vacation leaves and getting back to work tomorrow. Thinking of that already made me having a headache. Arrrrr.....

Wish me luck!! 

-- Jenn a.k.a. blueyfetes --

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