Saturday, October 27, 2012

Portraits in Lang Tengah

Most of the pictures I've taken in Lang Tengah were without me because I was strolling around alone. So on the third day, after Zhu Zhu came back from diving, she helped me to go around the island and get some shots.

At the jetty.

Dear sea, please listen to my words....

Behind me was one of the spot we snorkelling for a long long time...


Colourful bench. See my expression? Super sunny.

I can touch the horizon :)

Excuse me, I wanna act stupid awhile.
This is my Super Mario pose :P

Show girl pose.
Introducing, rocksssssss

Wow..... this one, Tarzan!

Showing some love.

There are so many sharp clams on those rocks!

I'm just a tiny tiny person at this place, this country, this world.

I've been here!

I worship You :)

There, those sharp sharp clams, you can see it now.

Had to avoid stepping on those sea cucumbers when I walked towards... 

If only, a wide angle lens was around....
But, I love this picture a lot :)

There, that's the end of my wonderful trip in Lang Tengah.

It is really a memorable trip, friends met and things learnt.

Underwater creatures seen during snorkelling; blue sand discovery in the night, those were all new experiences. 

Work is getting more and more dreadful and I'm so demotivated and no more passion. Working life like this makes life difficult and time to pass is like so damn slow... how much longer could I stand?

Happy long weekend peeps, ciao!

-- Jenn a.k.a. blueyfetes --

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