Thursday, October 18, 2012

A boat to Perhentian Island

On the 2nd day, we rented a boat to Perhentian Island, departed around 10a.m. Cost of the boat is around RM400 if not mistaken. 

The beach in the morning looks much prettier!

Good good weather~

Point and shoot, anywhere is beautiful.

Ahhhh~~ I'm missing it already!

On board! 

All divers, impressive!


Hahahah... zhu zhu looks so cute!

Let's go!

Blue Blue Blue~ made me feel so good~~

Getting near to the snorkelling spot.

No need food to lure them~

Human star.

Looks like near Koh Lipe.


There are more foreigners in Perhentian Island.
This stretch of beach is full of restaurants and bars for you to eat and have a drink.

crystal clear water, my favourite. 

Lime Ice Blended to quench the thirst. 

USA fried rice. 

This one I forgot from which country, LOL.

Nasi Pattaya.

The place we ate, not bad.

Really holiday mood!

Perhentian Island's jetty.

That's a group of fish!

Wish I could go to paradise every year.

With good care, Malaysia's islands are very beautiful.

We broke a record, toured until out of petrol.
Had another boat towed us back and we told them "boat rosak".

Awesome, I was cooked!

Dinner of the day, BBQ!

Our friend's cousin's brother cooked some awesome dishes and invited us to have dinner together!

Fried calamari.

Salted egg squid!

Self-made asam paste squid. 


To end the night, we played mahjong and ate ice cream. That's the routine for island life, quoted by Zhu Zhu.
Sorry for the delay, was busy and got back from another trip :D
I'm even fatter and tanner now >.< But it's all worth it!!

Have a good sleep people!

-- Jenn a.k.a. blueyfetes -- 


*ThE NoIsIeSt AbOvE aLL sILeNcE* said...

Hi there

i would be gg to Perhentian Island probably in Nov. any adv? shark point was it scary? sharks didn't attack?
Monkey bar, can i know roughly what the price range was like?

Lastly, how did u book a trip to this island. i wanna go there so badly, but really have no idea on how to do it. you help will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you


you can reply me via email...

blueyfetes said...

Hi Sharon,

I dont think any of the islands are open for visitors during the month of Nov due to the monsoon season.