Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Chill chill at Fraser's Hill

I really like Fraser's Hill, so me and my colleagues went on last August. 

It was the 2nd time for me in year 2012, I just simply love the peace and slow pace there. 

Before we departed, we had breakfast near Menjalara.

Wonder what we were talking about. LOL

Muah girls~

Char Siew Wantan Mee~

Pan Mee

Pork meehoon!


Wah~ Ah Beng, nice butt!

Walking to the town center. 

The girls~ ♥

Another pic :))

Good weather; nice flower.

It's the public toilet. HAhahaha~

Reminds me of UK.

It was such good weather!

Smokehouse's teatime not started, chilled at Scott's first. 


Cosy place. 

Have a glass of Tiger~ 

What were you thinking there?

My cute duckie~

Duckie and blur blur me~

Ah Beng~~~ why stood way behind??? :P

More happy pics~ 

The 2 skinny girls must be feeling very cold.

See! Wrapped up so tight!

Teatime for 2~

Hot chocolate~

Well said!

Ah Beng, what so happy about?


The surroundings at the Smokehouse.

If only teasets were on the table... hahahaha

Really like this place~

Many trees around~

Plants everywhere~

No bee, but fly. 

Pretty flowers and sky colour~ 

I like this one! Small and cute~


Taken indoor~ 

My face looks rounder and rounder >.<

Ah Beng, why frowned?

LOL at those 2 behind!

Hahahah, Felicia! Bond's woman?

Another pic I love~

I like how my legs look so long here :P

Happy family~ ♥

Play time is always so fun. No worries, no sickness, no migraine.

When would be my play time again~~~ ahhh~~~ 

Such difficult to pass time recently.... Hope the sunny days will come very soon.

-- Jenn a.k.a blueyfetes --


Mai Moon said...

Hi Jenn ^^
Your duckie is so cute ^^ Where did you buy it? I really really like it.
Please answer me.
Thank you so much ~^^~

blueyfetes said...

Hi Mai Moon,

Thanks! I love it too!
My brother bought it from me in Shanghai... but I think you can get it from China website "taobao.com" too!