Sunday, November 4, 2012

catching up :)

I have issues with weight management recently, but still, I can't stop myself from eating. That's bad.

1 month left to my friend's wedding, I gotta lose these fats!! Fingers crossed Nov's shift could make me pull my lazy butt up to exercise frequently!

This entry will just share my catch up moments with my friends~ 

Pumpkin soup~ yum~ @Ribs, BU

I love fresh fruit juice~ especially orange.

Ho ho ho~ the awesome possum pork burger~

cheese + bacon + 2 super thick patty = the bomb!

Tea with Mel Mel~ 

Crazy enough and we went ice skating. 

Tony Roma's cured our bellies.

Natural is beauty. 

Eat more vege to be beautiful!

Sharing is caring~ 

Impressive, a skinny girl finished all. 

Lovely view at The Curve~ 

Lovely lighting~ 

Wondermama's burge! Syiok!

Nice flowers~~~ 

Close up shot :) 

A nice corner~~

Yummy sesame!! 

Salted egg fried rice. Orgamastic kind of deliciousness!

Together with the sambal, oh wow~

Very generous~

This is Mee Siam.

Plan B, the new hangout place for the peeps!

Sitting like speed dating. 

I like frosty~ 

Here's the weekend and soon, Monday will come T_T 

From when I've started to feel so dreaded to go to work? Sigh...........

Good night!

-- Jenn a.k.a. blueyfetes --

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