Monday, November 19, 2012

Party in the hotel room

We work hard, definitely need to play hard.

It was in September, that me and my fellow colleagues were crazy enough to book a night at the Garden's Residence to hold our party.

1 bedroom. 

The living area and dining. 

We had steamboat here, then some got drunk here. LOL

The view. 

Before the party started, we went to buy some groceries and ingredients needed for the night.

So we headed to Kenny Roger's to heal our hunger.

My favourite muffins~

Waiting for the sunset :)

My fellow colleagues~ 

Muahahaha~ part of our food!


Like insects >.<

Sun setting~

Always love the colour of the clouds in sunset/ sunrise.


Like a painting?

The sun rays seemed like created a shape of heart ♥

No wide angle lens, this is the way to have more coverage of the sky :)

No more~

And the party began!


Night view is very nice too~

We all had so much fun and drank so much! Which is why, no other pictures of the drinking session. Hahahhaa

I wonder, would we have more parties.... situation has changed now.... :(

-- Jenn a.k.a. blueyfetes -- 

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