Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Day 2 in China: From Changsha to Phoenix Ancient Town

Trip to China - 18- 25 June 2014, main attraction of the trip was to Zhangjiajie.

The morning started with visiting the Tianxin Pavilion in Changsha, after that we departed to Phoenix Ancient Town. The journey took 7 hours by bus.

The ticket.

It felt like Autumn was coming.

The air quality in Changsha is not very good due to its geographic position.
The day we went was considered quite good.

The couple, our tour mates.

My queen.

Why the pictures turned out imbalance.... I need to improve the skills.

It's a public park for the local.
Taichi class.

Areca nut, popular for chewing in Hunan.
I tried one, started difficulty in breathing, like there was something stuck in my throat and heart beated faster.
Most people chew it to keep themselves awake as not all places are allowed to smoke.

Lunch time.
Fatty pork knuckles. 

I love century egg!

This was not bad.

Our bus for a few days~

After 7 hours of bus ride, we finally arrived at Phoenix Ancient Town!
Hotel we stayed for 1 night: Fengting International Hotel

Very vintage decor.

It says: Do not directly fill in tap water.

Phoenix Ancient Town is famous as "water village", people living here are mostly Miao and Tujia people.

The buildings are built just next to the river, when it rains, the water level will increase. When we arrived, it was still raining and a few days ago, the news reported that it was flooded. Luckily when we reached the main bridge, it was still able to cross over.

The tour guide said, it is best to visit at night.
They have beautiful lightings.

Like a painting.

The Tujia people cuisine.

Even though it was raining, the town still very beautiful with all the lights.

Zhu Bajie!
Please take note that if you want to take a photo with him, you need to pay.

One of the tour mate forgotten the guide's advice, paid CNY 10-20 after taking a picture with him.

Souvenir to get from this town - ginger candy.
Get from which shop? 镇竿张氏 (zhen gan zhang shi)

Grilled meat from XinJiang~

Dessert shop.

But what attracted me the most was the sign on the floor in the middle. 

Street in Phoenix.


The signature bridge.

This was the hotel we stayed, quite near to the town, just walking distance.

We spent day 2 mostly on the bus travelling. The next day, we departed to the main attraction of the trip - Zhang Jia Jie!

-- Jenn a.k.a. blueyfetes -- 

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