Monday, August 25, 2014

Leaving Phoenix Ancient Town to Zhangjiajie!

For the tour to include Phoenix Ancient Town into the itinerary, most probably is just to fill in the time. As I find to travel 7 hours here from Changsha just to stay overnight and left early in the morning, is quite a waste of time. 

Break time.

Welcome to China.
This is the toilet we had to pee. It wasn't FOC, RMB 1 per entry.

Lunch break.

Oh wow. Fats..........

Ok, my favourite!

First station in Zhangjiajie - Jiutian Dong (Nine Openings Cave)

It was quite dark in the cave.

But they have lightened up with different colour.

This is one of the opening.

Like a reflection, but it's not!

The most colourful scene~

Our tour mates + 1 guide from KL.

Next, we went for a cruise at Kuzhu River Gorge.

Very very beautiful scenery~

Just like a painting!

All the natural beauty.

Mother and daughter.

There are actually people living in this building.
Be grateful for what you have.

It was a bit foggy.

There's a name given - "The Monkey taking Moon" - 猴子捞月

Walking towards the village.

It's a small village.

It's their custom to put coffin in the living room.

Lots of firewood.

Living standard is not that good.


It was a place for the ritual of animals sacrifice.

Roof tiles.

Quiet street.

Innocent child.

Delicious food!

Bridge on the water.

More to come! Stay tuned~ 

-- Jenn a.k.a. blueyfetes --

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