Sunday, August 3, 2014

Meeting friends at Asiatique~

This is the last update for the trip to Bangkok in Mar 2014.

The morning started with sausages and cheese toast from 7-11. Sooooo good!

After shopping in Platinum Mall, took a break at Fuji Japanese Restaurant.

Sukiyaki pot~

Grilled shrooms, garlic flavoured!

3 layers of goodie!
Base: mashed potato
Middle: scallops
Top: golden needle mushroom

Red Mango, for dessert/ tea time.

Brownie, served warm!

Dessert again, Swensen's, always my choice!

First time to go Asiatique.
Picture taken from ferry.

Two sweet girls~

A bowl of rice, with 4 different types of chickens.

Vege, is always my choice!

Fried rice~

Tom Yam Kung~
In Thai language, kung means prawn.


This is a real man.

Cute and pink :)

Turkish ice cream, grab it if you wanna have fun.


The beauty.

It was a full moon night too.

Next station: Wine I love you.
Whole lot of wine for you to choose~

I was there quite late, so no other customers around.

Awesome ambience they have!

Drinks for us.

Desserts are very delicious too!

Chicki chicki drumsticks~

Banana fritters.

The surrounding outside of Wine I Love You, classic.

That's all about the update for my trip to Bangkok in Mar 2014. Next, China!
Stay tune~

-- Jenn a.k.a. blueyfetes -- 

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