Friday, January 2, 2015

A relaxing trip to Huahin (Santorini Park, Swiss Sheep Farm and Huahin Beach)

My solo trip kinda ended once I arrived in Bangkok as I've friends there, I didn't really travel alone around Bangkok, almost every time.

After I arrived in Bangkok from Sukhothai, I met up my friend and we went to Huahin via mini van, THB 150. Very coincidentally, it was public holidays during that week, so it was very crowded.

The Roofai Restautant.
Roofai in Thai language means train.

Squid, my all time favourite seafood, one of them :D

Must have vege in my meals.

Tom Yum~~~ it was so so so so good!

The new seafood dish I tried, awesome~ I forgot its name though...

Take a fresh mussel, then add those ingredients and eat it!

Sweet and sour chicken~

The King when he was young. So handsome.
If you know the actor/singer 吴奇隆 Nicky Wu, do you think they look alike? ^^

I think travelling in Hua Hin is better to have your own transportation as the main attractions are not nearby and there are no taxis around, unless you just want to hangout at the beach and at the same spot for a short getaway, then it's ok.

In the end, we hired a car with driver for 3 hours, cost us THB 1800 for 2 person, 2 places: Santorini Park and Swiss Sheep Farm. I find it pricey in Thailand, but we got no choice.

First stop: Santorini Park

The weather was not so good that day~ 
If it was clear blue sky, it would be so much better!


Colour tone of blue, white and grey~ :)

My travel mate to Hua Hin~

Yes, happy! I wanna be happy everyday~

Let the music heal your soul~

That's one real shoelace~


The books stairs.

LOL~ I look funny~

Entrance to the toilet~

Such a happy scenery~

Not open to public.

Quite artsy~

Next, Swiss Sheep Farm~

THB 120 for entrance. Local cost only THB 60 if not mistaken.

Giant bear.

Use the ticket to exchange for grass to feed the sheep. You can choose to change grass or carrot to feed the pony.
LOL at the "草交流"!!

Dramatic sheep.

I smile for your camera, can I have some grass now?

The popular one: little lamb

So chubby~

Many of them~~~~

So cute~

The pony is very cute and beautiful~

Smiley smiley~

Again, wish the sky was bluer.

They have squirrels too~
Eating carrot if not mistaken.

After Santorini Park, we were sent back to the city centre and we walked to Hua Hin Beach. I find it's nothing nice (compared to other beaches or islands of Thailand) and too crowded.

She looks sad to me.

Chilling by the beach is the best~

Refreshing squid!

My favourite cockles!

The amazingly "oh!-so-good" fried rice~

Last pic, the beach of Hua Hin.

Roofai is really a good place to eat. For all the food we have ordered, it costed only less than THB 500! I didn't get the address, but if you do go to the night market, it is located at the main street. Very easy to spot where all seafood restaurants are located.

Will write again soon!


-- Jenn a.k.a. blueyfetes--


Tung Tran said...


I had seen the post about your Hua Hin trip. I have a plan go to there in November. So could you help me some information about Mini Bus in Victory Monument? I travel with some luggage, so the Mini Bus will take me include my luggage or not?

Hope to heard any feedback from you soon.

Son Tung

blueyfetes said...

I'm sorry Son Tung, I didn't notice you have left a comment in this post. Hope you had fun!