Monday, February 2, 2015

Food I tried in Bangkok year 2014

This entry is dedicated to the restaurants that I've been to and food I've eaten during my solo trip to Thailand in June-July 2014.

1. GM Restaurant

It serves authentic Szechuan Cuisine. The usual food they serve is slightly localized, so if you want something special, you can call them to cater for you.

Address: 765/2 The Ten Park Prachauthit Road Samsennok Huai Khwang Bangkok 10310
Tel: 081 866 3683

Juicy and tender meat, shrooms and vege. Braised.

They serve steamboat too~

Very fresh meat~


2. Yen Ta Fo @ T21

It serves noodles in pink colour soup, yentafo basically means "yong tau foo", stuffed bean curd. 

Address: 5th floor, Terminal 21.

Ingredients are fresh, but soup is slightly lesser. 
I personally like soup more than ingredients and noodles.

I think in Thailand, they serve everything with ice due to its weather. 

The entrance.

3. DQ (Dairy Queen)

Local brand for ice creams and smoothies. Lots of different flavours~ Everywhere has this, I tried it in T21 and airport.

Blizzard series are way to cool~

Yum yum~~~

4. Omu @ Central World

Address: Central World 6th floor

Cuisine: Japanese Omu Rice

Love their small details.

Very delicious salad as it's with black sesame dressing!

Omu rice is actually omelette wrapped rice, with sauce of your choice.
Mine is cream sauce. So so so good!

This is curry seafood.

I forgot what is this~

This is how it looks in the omelette~

5. Have a Zeed by Steak Lao

Address: 4th Floor Terminal 21

Cuisine: Fusion

The entrance.

Fried rice vermicelli~

If not mistaken, this is green curry noodles.

Fried chicken wings~

Best salad I've tried!
Mainly because they added salted egg in the dish.

At first glance, the green chair looks like android robot. 

Love their flavoured ice sticks!

Lovely ambience~

6. Sotaste cookie

Cuisine: Home made cookies

Very nice package they have.

Love their cookies as it's not too sweet, a bit crunchy on the outside and soft inside.
If you are in Bangkok and want to look for cookies and cupcakes, go to them!
Contact is in the link of FB.

7. Sun Moon Restaurant 日月楼 (Opposite of Tesco)

Address: 5/4 Soi Ngam Duphli, Sathon, Bangkok 10120, Thailand
Tel: +66 2 679 7019

Cuisine: Chinese

Very traditional kind of entrance.

Very very good dumplings~

These are no ordinary fries, these fries are made of eggplant!

Long beans.

Mapo Tofu~ Goes best with rice!

Sweet and sour chicken~

8. Au Bon Pain

Address: It's a chain cafe, I had it in All Seasons Place
Cuisine: Western

Made of Bagel.

9. Chinese restaurant @ All Seasons Place Bangkok

Fried rice with crab meat. Superb!

10. San Sap

Address: 5th floor, Terminal 21

Cuisine: Thai

Coconut is a must!

Very crunchy fried chicken~

Another very delicious salad! 

Fried vege with special sauce added with peanuts~

The spring rolls that not so match my taste.

Satay~ I prefer M'sian's satay.

Just some ordinary meat balls.

Oh! so awesome steak!

That's all about my posts of Thailand solo trip~ I've been to Kuatan, Singapore and Taiwan after that, so stay tuned for more updates!

-- Jenn a.k.a. blueyfetes --

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