Sunday, April 12, 2009

Half Day out with Mom

I was supposedly going out alone today, as nobody was free :(
Then mom told me last night to go on my own, cos she has been going to school from Monday to Saturday (for Hari Raya Holiday class replacement).

When I got up this morning, she told me that she'd be going with me. I think mom was tempted to go shopping too. Haha!! Then I drove to KTM, parked my car, then got ourselves tickets. Bloody bad luck today, waited a dreadful 1 hour!!!

I hope that won't be happening tomorrow morning. It's kinda like a bad sign to me... I got retrenched on March 13th, and tomorrow, is the 13th again!! Argh~~!!~~~ Enough of 13s!! God blesses me~~~~~ I pray. Amen.

We went to Sogo, used to be our all time favourite shopping mall. 1 Stop, and we get everything we need. But I'd not been there for such a long time... revisited today, and I bet it'll be my all time favourite shopping place again!!

Lunch time was here, then we 'hopped' in to Manhattan Fish Market for lunch.

A cup of earl grey tea was refreshing.

Creamy Seafood Pasta. Not bad!!!

Fish and chips for mom.

Coleslaw with raisins.

Happy that mom loved it. She's kinda difficult to please in western food. :D

I'm glad that mom went shopping with me... for my working shoes... if not, I wouldn't realized there was this pair of shoes... :D

I know some people will go like "aiyo~~ you're wearing shoes for ah ma (grannys) or aunties.
But I don't care. As long as my feet are comfortable in it.
Plus, I can run fast in these shoes~~ haha
I dont want to sacrifice and hurt my pretty little feet!!

And it says "Enjoy your life" :D

I think it looks quite nice afterall.
Thanks to the line of stiches. hehe~
But I think my leg looked like swollen in this pic. Iek!!

Thanks Mom. I had a great day shopping for shoes with you. ;) xoxo
Tomorrow, taking public transport to work to avoid the crowd in traffic.
I pray for safety in those public transports and also 'safety' at work.
Please don't get into any stupid jokes... Please~~~~

--Jenn a.k.a. blueyfetes--


Rachel said...

good luck for you, muarck!

blueyfetes said...

thank you~~~~~~~~

Pork Chop said...

hows ur new shoe treating u? :D

blueyfetes said...

hmm... not too bad, but not excellent as well. :P