Thursday, April 2, 2009

Girls improve the economy

It is mentioned in the newspaper, television and other types of media, saying the economy is really bad now, many people have cut down their expenses on shopping... Besides, companies and organizations are under-going retrenchment due to the low of economy... and I was one of the employees... T__T

My point is, being at this difficult time, girls still go for shopping... you can see this when u go to shopping malls, who would you see???? Mostly girls, carrying small/big shopping bags. Thanks to this group of people, the bad time will be gone soon :D :D (my thoughts :P)

After PPC's advanced birthday celebration at Sushi Zanmai, I went to another branch in 1Utama two days later =.= thanks to Zoe, tempting me to go out. Once we reached, we both agreed to have brunch 1st as we had not eaten anything, yet.

One good thing was, we didn't have to wait anymore this time. We went in straight away and had our seats :D :D :D

The sifu preparing the food in this see through kitchen.

Camwhore was the best way to kill some time while waiting for the food.

Zoe said I was too attractive and 'electrokilted' her.
So sweet of her for praising me that way.

Zoe's fruity strwberry ice blended.

enjoying her drink.


My tendon. This is small portion. But very filling.

Zoe's prawns. LOL

And our Maki.

Another sinful prawns. HAHA

And the tempura bento. Such a big portion. Even her big eater brother couldn't finished. Ha!!

The outside/entrance with a few baby strollers. Haha! cute.

Right after we ate, it was time to walk around and do some shopping!!!! I swear, it was her idea and her purpose to shop. To get presents. It ended up....... a different way..... =.=

First stop, we went to Guitar Collection to get presents for her friend. I got a replacement string for my guitar.... then sell it away after I get it fixed. Hiek!!

Next, Padini Concept Store. Our favourite place to shop, as they have big fitting rooms that allowed us enter together. Hahahahaha~

After I've tried on a couple pieces, and I've nothing to buy.
So I camwhored with my brother's Pinky.
Zoe's face can be seen at the back. I think her facial expression is funny.

Then we found we're so mataching in the colours.
This dress reminds me of a funny person, telling me he volunteered to be my fashion stylist.
He had more than just confidence. Can't even dress himself. Wanna help me to pick outfit?? NO WAY~~

She had quite many to try on. LOL

Zoe went to this shop called Etude House next. I felt something wasn't right with my body, aching or what, I wasn't sure. So I sat down on the bench and took a rest.

In just a short moment, these girls bought these much. =.="

This is the cute shop. Nice stuff they have, with very very reasonable price. :D

While Zoe was paying, I quickly rushed in and snapped this pic.
See, even the shopkeeper dressed in such cute outfit. >.- *wink
And the shopping bag, nice!! It's paper!!

Later, Zoe wanted to get some dog food for her mom's Gobby. So we went to Pets More. I'm a big fan of dogs and animals, everyone that knows me know. Once I entered the pet shop, I headed straight to the place where they keep the puppies at. :D :D

This time, I saw Chow Chow, Pomerarian, Toy Poodle, some that I don't remember and SIBERIAN HUSKY!!!! I quickly stood in front of him, trying to talk to him. Haha. Then a friendly shopkeeper came up and said, "do you want to carry it???" I was like, stunned for a little while, thinking, can I really carry it???

I was more than flattered!!! A SIberian Husky yo~~~ Woooo HOOO~~~

First to hug and carry it... wooo.... so touching... then Zoe wanted to help me take pictures (she threatened the shopkeeper to let us have pictures. haha. thank her for that), but she couldn't reach Pinky. So, she passed Pusky (the name I gave it to him. haha. Pusky the Husky. It ryhmes so well) to her and took out Pinky and took picture for her and Pusky.

This is Pusky and Zoe~~~ Awww.....

And this is me and Pusky... everyone says 'Awwww' hahaha
I looked like Pusky's mom. Oh no... which means I'm a b-i-t-c-h??? Of course not!!!

I was too high and happy with the privilege, and carried Pusky in such a weird way.
And me with the fat arm. Ish

Pusky's close up. Sweet.....
It has a really nice coat on him. :))

This was what I got from shopping.....

A bloody pair of Converse. 1st pair in my lifetime.
Buying this kind of model and design with that amount of money...
I guess I really needed therapy to cure my sadness...
That was why I bought it without a thought, and I'm still unemployed at this moment. =.="

I actually wanted to ask, which style is better.

But I've decided to make them look this way for this moment.

That's why I said, girls can improve the economy.. with the urge of buying stuff....
Dear God, please show me the way... a clear path of my future... I really want the job in Public Bank... sob sob

--Jenn a.k.a. blueyfetes--
spider webbing at home and with moss growing too

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