Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Treaties Day~~

When this day comes, the happiest ones.... of course not me, are my 2 lovely pals. :))

Thanks to Zoe's kindness, she got rewards from this Chihuahua owner, 10 packets of treats. Woot!! Plus, Zoe gave me some other treats to pamper my pals...

1st, greenies. Look at Lulu 'smiling' face, only appear when she gets what she likes.

As usual, Brownnie waited patiently...

But he got tired and went down....

And Lulu, same as her. Steady and stayed if only u have sth good for her. Ha!

Brownnie coming after it.

Faces of enjoyment. With eyes closed.
Like mother like son.

Done with her greenies. (while Brownnie still munching)
Looked away from the camera.

Once she heard I'll give another treat, she looked back.

Still enjoying~ LOL.
He looked very funny. (to me)

Brownnie: OOh~~ it's really good... (with his deep voice)

I've known of fingers licking good. But this fella showed me floor licking good. hahaha

She was trying to 'clean' her face....

Looking at the packet of treats without his eyes moving.

He couldn't resist the aroma of the treats and started to licking.
Big pink tongue there.
Brownnie: Yumm~~

Then I gave them carrot sticks.

Taking a rest after the treats

But popped up again and said : any more treaties???
Me: no more. Be good and i'll give again. :P

Happy treaties day my dears.... xoxo

--Jenn a.k.a. blueyfetes--


Anonymous said...

Hi Jenn ! What fantastic pictures of your 2 lovely pals ! Also funny comments :-D Happy Easter ! ! ! Henri

blueyfetes said...

Haha. I've tons of their pictures. :D
Thank you. Happy Easter to u too~~