Sunday, April 18, 2010

Nithia's Engagement

Nithia, my beloved colleague that sits next to me every Monday and Tuesday. She's one very nice and knowledgeable person that is very different from others in her own way.

Last Sunday, 4th of April, was her engagement with Krishnan. The ceremony was held in a temple in UPM. A few of us gathered in office and Kabi drove us all there.

We were late because Subash was late. LOL. Luckily in Indian ceremony, they don't have to sit down and watch. So nobody will know you're late. LOL.

It was my first time to attend an Indian engagement ceremony. So I was quite excited! :D

YAY! for the couple~~~

Getting ready to sign the "contract"... Nithia looks like a corporate woman.

Reading the "R&R". LOL

Couple thinking: When are we going to have that cake?? It looks delicious~"

YAY~~ cut cake~ can have it soon~~

Come, Ahhhh~~~~ mmmmmm~~~~

Nithia's papa is feeding his son in law to be~

The food that is served that night.
Awesome!! I love Papadum and Putu Yummy (I forgot the same, so just put Putu Yummy)!

With Kabi and Nithia, both girls immediately look like dwarfs here.

Zhu Zhu and Nithia.
Aiyer~~~ so cute la~~~ like my cam got fish eye effect.

The power "punch" girls!

Very happy for you Nithia!
妈妈说:“yer~~~~ 脚站开开”...

We're the members from SG team.
It will become history very soon.

Take #1, many were not ready yet.

Take #2, nicer. :)

Hehehe... cute girl looking curiously at us.

I wish Nithia and Krishnan happily ever after~ Can see that they're quite matching and Krishnan is one good guy. We all agreed about that. :)

--Jenn a.k.a. blueyfetes--