Thursday, April 1, 2010

To dear Chel Chel

Our dear Chel Chel has left us here to suffer the stuffy and polluted air and flew to the kiwi land and is now enjoying the fresh air!

It is just less than 1 week she left M'sia and I'm missing her liao.... sob~

Before she flew away, we gathered to farewell for her at Gardens, The Curve.

Artsy pic...

Mashed potato... not bad.

Fried Calamari... looks good? Tastes worse.

This is me.... Ah Hua~

Something made her happy...

One nice pic using Lesley's cutesy camera~

Another artsy pic...

Pin:" Ahhh~~~ So nice~~~"
Chel:" hahahahaha~ enjoy as much as you can. I'm leaving soon~"

Coincidentally all 3 of us were in floral prints...
Well, mine was more like colourful..

This is without flash... damn nice!

e@curve at night...

This is just a short post... wanted to do something for her, but she didn't have time for me. So this entry is shorter... half shorter! Chel Chel, it's been a dream of yours for so long and finally you're living it now! Enjoy every moment, be careful, be cautious, take care and stay in touch always ya? Muaks~~~~~ xoxo

p/s: I will stay here and do countdown de.... ;)

Jenn a.k.a. blueyfetes

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