Thursday, May 20, 2010


It's not a good thing to have no access to Facebook at work... I feel like I've lost connection with my friends there >.<

They're (IT) too good to have blocked almost all my entertainment that I need at work to kill some boredom. But luckily, I still can access my blog.

I've been lazy, leaving my blog frozen for more than 2 weeks >.< I have nothing to write about, no event, no outting, nothing happens. I have a boring no, peaceful life, yes.

I'm happy to work at my new place. Although the job is well, boring again, but the peeps around here are nice and some are really funny.

Oh, did I say my there are many different kinds of people working here in KL office? So far that I know, Malay, Chinese, Indian, Singh as usual; then I found French, Scottish, Belgian, German, uh... they're all caucasian as a conclusion. Not that these people are all in high positions, there are some in ordinary positions.

After induction then only I found out, actually we can apply to transfer, as long as there is a position to be filled, then the application would be successful! YAY~~~ I likey~~~~ It's a very good news as there are more than 140 offices around the world. Woot!

My work place located in Dayabumi building. Until today, I still haven't gotten the access card to enter the building/office yet. So every morning I have to register myself at the counter to get a visitor pass. When I arrive at the front door, I'd have to wait any of my colleague going in/out of the office, then only I could get in. But the good thing is, I get to meet many people from different department.

This morning, David came and talked to me. Uh.... he's incharge of accounts if I'm not mistaken. I was told he's a cold and a bit of arrogant kind of colleague. But well, I don't think he is as he always being nice to me. :D

Another colleague of mine called Evelyn, she's the one in the same position as me but has been working for almost 3 years until today. Another nice lady who is very patient to me. I'm glad to meet so many nice people here.

Well, got to start working now. Share more again next time. Here, I wish everyone to be successful and happy and healthy and handsome/pretty and earn more money!!! ^_^

--Jenn a.k.a. blueyfetes--

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