Monday, May 24, 2010

Oh hai! It's been such a long time!

Feeling so bad that I neglected my beloved bloggy for such a long time~ So it's time to update some tiny bits of what have been going on :)

Hubby was in total mess. So I brought him to "sai bak bak".

One last view of KL tower from AMM pantry.

One last special pork balls with prawn soup at aunty's place.

With Nithia. She gave me a teddy before I left ♥

It was sad to leave my beloved colleagues... Well, ex-colleagues for now.

Mug Zoe bought me for my 1st day at AMM and postcard from Taiwan Echo gave me.

This teddy from Nithia, has pattern on both of its feet, like Carebears.

Nice ribbon~ or bow tie?

Cute patch on its chest too... but not as big as Carebears'.

My last day in AMM was on the 30th (Friday), and I started this new job on the 3rd of May. No pause, no rest. I'm power! Woot! hahahaha.

A bunch of new stationary I got at work....

The view from my place.

Hello~~ Can you tell I dress in a more proper way now? Hahahaha Because in this new company, I cannot simply put on lousy shirts and slippers anymore T.T

My room sharing with... uh... don't know how many persons... It's basically me and 4 other colleagues. But when the auditors are not attached to any company, they'd just join the "FUN". ^^

Because I'm working in a certification body, we've our very own certification as well. We're just awarded with the OHSAS (Occupational Health and Safety Assessment) 18001. It's a certificate to protect and provide the best working environment for employees. So, I'm new, I was given a body check up at Twin Tower Medical Centre KLCC.

I had x-ray scanned, blood drew, urine tested and some other basic body check-up routine. Quickly, I changed to my fancier plaster :P instead of boring white cotton and plaster.

That night, my arm turned to be like THIS!!
I've no idea why every time blood drawing of mine will leave such horrible marks.
It took a week to go off >.<

Sometime ago, had lunch with Zoe at 1Utama.

Sushi Zanmai~

Yes, I'm quite boring... every time ordering almost the same dish. :P

Soft shell crab maki~ ♥

Very nice egg yolk~

Then we met Michelin!!

He's so cute lo!! Once he saw me shooting at him, he posed this way. LOL. muaks~~~

Last Saturday, I had my Beginner 1 Japanese exam.
Was so nervous I nearly peed in my pants (jk la).
During the oral, I was an idiot (almost).
Sense :"Are you Japanese?"
Jenn:"My Japanese is very lousy."
Sense almost laughed until fainted. Till I got conscious and quickly answered, I'm not a Japanese. Sorry sense~~~~~

Thank God, I did very good in the exam. :D

Ok, that about it.... I'm currently enjoying my lifestyle la... Go to work on time, back home on time. Luckily, KTM is kind and has improved a lot... so I don't have to waste time doing the never ending waiting for the next train that kind of stupid thing.
I have also been "stranded" for too long, it's time for me to back to the business!! Oh, clubbing kind of business. :D That's all for now. Ciao ciao~~~

--Jenn a.k.a. blueyfetes--


sashi said...

who took the blood sample from u??? omg It scares me... Anyway r u working around KLCC? coz I'm covering Twin Towers Medical Centre KLCC too hehehe

blueyfetes said...

A male nurse drew for me.... I think I have to request a female nurse next time. Previously, a male doc drew my blood, even worse!!

No la... my office is at Dayabumi... Twin Tower Medical Centre is our panel I think... LOL