Tuesday, May 4, 2010

1st of May, not Labour Day

1st of May, it means something other than just a Labour Day to everyone in my family. My gung gung (grandpa) actually died on this day. Every year, we'll pay a visit to his grave and po po's too at Nilai Memorial Park.

This 1st of May which had just passed, was actually the 10th year gung gung has left us. So uncle made last Saturday something more special to remember our dear parents and grandparents.

So early in the morning at 8pm, we had to go to the church my grandparents used to go, for a thanksgiving service. After a senior and another senior's senior made their speeches, my eyes had ady filled with water. Then uncles and aunty went on the podium to give speeches. I had finished all my tissues and I guess, I was the only one crying non- stop.

I don't know why, I just couldn't control my tears from falling. It was a hard morning for me. Maybe it was all because the ups and downs (more of these) that I had been through recently.... Thinking of myself losing my grandparents, father, friends and pets just made my rubber band snapped...... Dear God, give me strength, to be courage and look forward.

Graveyard is not this scary and gloomy....
I just used the "pinhole" effect to get this feel.

It was a very very very hot day indeed.
Even sunglasses couldn't help me...

These are the newer graves... "nobody" is lying down there YET.

Behind gung gung and po po's place is this nice scenery.
Very peaceful and comfortable there.....

The beautiful and colourful flowers we brought.

My cousin brother, Arn.

This is the scene gung gung and po po looking everyday.


After the rain.... I went to our garden to snap some pictures.
I'm quite satisfied and happy with what I've captured.

我们就像是落在布袋莲上的雨点,就碰巧地在同一个地方遇上了... 太阳出来后,我们就蒸发了... 但是,有一天我们总会变成雨点,不期然地又落在同一个地方,聚集在一起...这就是缘分。 :)

We met each other randomly just like the rain drops falling on the same spot; when the sun appears, it'd turn vapour... but one day, we would fall onto the same spot and meeting each other again... We call it as fate. :)

I love the details my camera captured.
Although it's not power enough to do micro pictures yet. :)

Lulu having her sweet time... =)

It's obvious her eyes are not in good condition.
She's completely blind caused by cataract, can see the blurriness in her eyes?

Brownnie wasn't in the mood to pose that afternoon.
This is his best shot. :)

Hmm... I think I wrote this blog till it looks all emo and moody. I'm okay, I'm okay. :)

I guess it's more like blogging based on the "feel" and "mood" of the pictures. Hope you all enjoy the nice pictures, well, hope it's nice to you all as well. Ciao ciao~~~~

--Jenn a.k.a. blueyfetes--

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