Sunday, July 4, 2010

Weirdo once in a blue moon

Just a story of a random guy to share. Well, people that have known me long enough know, I've been to National Service before. So, one day, out of the blue moon, this Mr. Weirdo miss called me at 3.45am. He woke me up and when I answered the call, he hung up (damn it). How come there's still such person doing stupid thing.

Then he continuously sent me 2 smses after he miss called me. All the smses he sent, are in Chinese. So..... for those that don't understand Chinese, sorry~~~~

1st sms:
你好还记得我这个朋友我是建伟我是在国民服务认识你的啊 (of course I can't recall at all, sorry)

2nd sms:
怎么样你有没有还记得我这个朋友啊这个电话号码也是我们在吉打国民服务你给我的你想看 (yes, this fella talks without any pause)

I didn't bother and continued to sleep. Man!! It was the time that my body was totally in the sleeping mood! Gosh....

The next morning, I cracked my head also I can't recall who this guy is. So I asked my fellow NS friends. And it seems like I'm not the only person he contacted. What's weird enough, I went to NS in the year 2004, and it's 2010 now. For the first time he appeared. >.<

Later, he continued to flood my inbox the next day.

你在做什么吃饱了没有啊我是建伟我刚好放工就信息来问候你了 (had to introduce again??)

不用想这么多了既然你一时间想不起来我不会生气的我有你的电话都是在国民服务时候我们认识了你就把你的电话号码就是这样罢了不然我们重新再做朋友你愿意啊 (ok... but I just can't recall who you are!!)

你还记得我们什么时候到吉打国民服务的啊就是在2004年6月2号这就是我们认识的一天噢已经六年了我都已经25岁了 (you're 25, I'm not. :P)


那你是不是已经二十多岁了啊我看我把年份给弄乱了啦很对不起这些不重要我只是想知道你愿意和我做朋友 (How come you keep on emphasizing on being friends???)

你的意思是能够再和我做朋友是不是啊还是能够用华语来信息给我知道噢 (Oh my... can't read English???)

好了假如你真的想不起来我这个人还有已经不想要做朋友那我以后就不会再信息给你了 (thank goodness you said so)

你放心好了我这个人也不是很难看的等多几天我的弟弟把电话还我的时候我就一定把我的样子传到你的电话给你看的 (I'm not interested you look good or not okay~~~)

你为什么一直都不相信我是在国民服务和你做朋友的好我问你是不是到过一个地方就是吉打的kuala nerang这个地方做兵 (I just can't recall who you are... stop spamming my inbox)

假如是这样我问你我什么我会有你的电话号码这些就是证据我这个人不会说谎的 (it's not an evidence dude... you can just get it from my friends)

说了这么久到底你是否愿意和我做朋友的我这个人是朋友越多我就越快乐噢随缘就好 (u said it's destiny, but how come you still sent me more smses???)

到底你愿意和我做个朋友还是不能够和我做朋友 (give me a break...................)

After sending a few more smses without me replying, he finally stopped. I thought he wouldn't sms me again so soon. Those 14 smses were sent on 26th June.

Today (4th July), he called me. >.< The conversation was very short. He said almost the same like those previous smses, about being friends, asked me to save his contact and sending his picture over. Then in 1 minute's time, he spammed my inbox again by sending 4 smses at once.

1st (mms):
这么多年没有见我都和以前不一样了 (yea right... that fella sent me a black and white picture!! Some more, it's not like self capturing. It's camera capturing another picture? what the heck!! lmao!!)

怎么样有收到我拍照片的本人啊欲望你能够把他进入电话做纪念噢千万要永远记得我这个朋友 (gracious! you got the "urge" 欲望 again???)

能够打电话来一下我有话要和你说欲望你能够打来 (you have things to tell me call me la~ why asked me to call you??)

能够用华语来回我信息啊我这个人爱用华语来信息朋友的 (This is what I got after I said I'm busy. Oh my.... why don't you just admit that you can't even understand English which is so simple??)

为什么没有再次用华语来回信息给我啊 (Oh please!! You're so annoying!!)

I thank you and appreciate for remembering me. But you're too much friend. I don't know you are too free or what, but flooding my inbox has become a disturbance to me. You're annoying.

* I've actually changed some words of the smses he sent. As there are too many wrong words >.<

--Jenn a.k.a. blueyfetes--


Sash said...

Secret Admirer for 5 years =)

Anyway it was interesting going through your blog and hope things are going well with ya.

blueyfetes said...

Oh please~~~~~~ Until today, I still don't know who is that. LOL

Oooo... u're my seret reader eh?? Hehehehe