Wednesday, September 29, 2010

First night walk to Albert Dock

It was more than 2 years ago, when me and a some course mates, arrived at Liverpool, United Kingdom for our degree program.

We stayed in the city center, yet it's very close to the sea. The famous Albert Dock is just 20 minutes walking distance from where we stayed. Walking in Liverpool was very easy and enjoyable. First, the weather. Second, the traffic.

I really miss Liverpool. Every time I thought of it, my eyes would go wet. Sob~~~
Mom and some people asked me, if I were to give the 2nd chance, would I choose to go Liverpool? Yes, I definitely would choose the same path. There's not one bit that I regret to study there and now paying loans. NEVER - EVER regret.

The beautiful scenery.
It was actually quite late at night, but it was Summer, so the sun will only set after 9pm or so.

Had to keep myself warm, so trench coat it was.

Another side of the dock.
There are many restaurants and pubs all along, it's a touristic spot.

The big anchor right in front of the Maritime Museum.
Don't know what kind of post was that >.<

The sea~

If you watch closely, someone was actually lying there. ^_^

One of the Superlambanana.

Wah~~~ I looked so "sua gu".... hahaha
The reason why I prefer cold weather, I can wear trench coat!! :P

I am GOD!!!
Hahahaha... sorry, no offense heavenly Father.

Found one smiling dead body lying in the middle of the bridge.
Hmmm.... must be ran over by bicycle. LOL!!

Before I left, one picture of me imitating some rock star.

Well, just a short entry. Will have a more detailed entry of Albert Dock next time. I'm working hard to refresh my memory and update many wayyyyyyyyyyyy back dated posts. Be patient my friends, my comrades, my readers (well, which most of you are my friends. hehehehe), will update on and off. Try my BEST!!!

--Jenn a.k.a. blueyfetes--

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