Thursday, November 18, 2010

Money = food + shopping = more outing

Just some nice makan places and pictures to share. Been blogging quite rare lately. New job is occupying my mind and time... that's why I went out even more? Lame excuse!!!

These few weeks, I just spent my off days with babes and did shopping~ Retail therapy is really good but bad for my purse. >.<

iPhone.... the relationship destroyer.
She ditched me for that!!

Hi Tommy!! Why not talk to Cherry??
(It rhymes one okay~)

Lunch at Canton-i.
Wanton mee with Char-Siu and pork rib.

My porridge~ Yum~~~

Wanton Soup~

Fried Silver Fish.
Once you take the first bite, you won't stop until there's no more left.

Of course, fitting room time again~ never change.

Parrots!! (only RM10 for this pair. Nice~)

While waiting for kitten to come, I went to Padini and I lost quite some money.
But I didn't get these 2 pieces... Now I'm thinking to get them la~

Ho ho~~~~~ angle makes me looks slim~

I bought these 2.

Nice button~

Nope, this tee also I didn't get.
Played so long in the fitting room because kitten went to the wrong shopping mall.
We were meeting in 1U, she went to Gardens. =.="" Pity her.

Black caviar sushi.

Tempura Squid. So so only.

Asari Nabe!
*Nabe nabe nabe~ sounds just like Ah Beng scolding Ah Beng in Jack Neo's movies*

Like Onsen egg only~

Oops! Candid shot!! Greedy pig eating. Hahahaha

Last but not least, soft shell crab maki. But it's getting worse though...

Ok, let me share with you how to make your own Zosui~

1. Boil the soup~

2. Add in rice.

3. Add the beaten egg.

4. Add the spring onions.

5. Tada~ your very own Zosui~

Lunch at New York New York Deli~

Lime Light Lemon. Awesome!!
Milky and sour~

Smoky cheese balls~

Look at the cheese oozing out~

Big Big Breakfast is quite big for real.

Pancake~ yum~~ *but still not good as Paddington's

Slurp slurp slurp~~~

That's all for the update~~~ I think this is more like a food blog. Hahahaha. Thanks for reading and happy weekend!! once again~

--Jenn a.k.a. blueyfetes--

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