Thursday, November 11, 2010

We've walked 10,000 steps!!

It was just another fine evening, after dinner, we decided to go out for a walk. In Liverpool, a walk means walk to somewhere which is not near, unlike a walk in the park nearby your house okay~~~

We walked to Albert Dock again, but this time, we walked around the surrounding area too and spotted many Superlambananas.

It was during Summer, which means the daytime is longer. We went out at 9pm. Check out the pictures and you will know what I mean.

This is 9pm. Still bright.
That was why when we just arrived, we slept at 10pm (still bright) woke up at 8am (very very bright). LOL

Spotted one! It was more like a Superlambanana hunt than a walk.

This is the "nerdy" Superlambanana.

I like it because it's classical.

Imitating the clock. Haha

And she said she must jump.

Another nice building. Oh, it's a court actually.

:) I like these pics of the streets.

Another one!
Oh, this poor thing was ridden by 2 crazy girls, helped by 1 silly girl and filed by 1 wild girl.

Like a map. A bright map with happy colours. ^_^

So I sayang it very much.

Ho~~~~ this is Rocky. :)

Hmm.... this one.... unknown.

The environmental friendly Superlambanana.

Violated by a pig. HAHA!!

Some men.... will get close ups later.

This is a funny and cute one.

Hmmm.... sorry, I can't tell what is this for... I'm a lousy tourist.

Just know how to snap pictures only~

Must post this pic!! I know you must like it one!!

Some huge building with huge statues.

In remembrance of members of the Liverpool Exchange Newsroom in WW1.

Another picture of the beautiful night.

Poster for calendar.

Almost 10pm, see the sky~

But not many cars left on the street. *The street got quiet very early*

Ehhh.... don't know also.
Maybe just a clock tower~

The brightest building, if not mistaken is a luxurious apartment.

Superlambanana always there~

I like their traffic light ^_^

Really very banana bia Superlambanana.

This is a special one.

Layers~ like the earth.

And we reached the Albert Dock again~
The sky was still not fully darken yet.

This one too!! Tell me that I'm absolutely correct about it!

The sign~

Then we found some very interesting and ridiculous thing to do. Thanks for the lights!!

Hahahahaha! Act like ghosts!!

Aiya... wore wrong colour. Couldn't glow like See Pin.

Nah~~~ this is the most berpotential one~

Then we turned blue.

I was a blue ghost. LOL.

Liverpool bus station. Keep passengers away from cold, rain and sun.

That's all~~ It was another fun night we had. It was a walk for more than 2 hours. Fun fun fun!!
p/s. I definitely won't do it here in KL, walking around in the hot city.

Ciao Ciao~~ have a happy weekend! :)

--Jenn a.k.a. blueyfetes--

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