Saturday, November 6, 2010

Octoberfest - My version = ♥

The shifts at work are driving me crazy and keeping me busy. Thus, the lack of update. Again, work is difficult and challenging, but at least it makes me thinks once I master it, it's an upgrade for myself.

This entry, it's an update for the month of October. It's an important, busy and interesting month.

1. Mom's 60th birthday. She bought us lunch at Tenji. So generous of her. The most important person in my life.

Raw tuna = >.< (cos it's not for me)

Tofu~~~ One of my favourite dish.

Oysters. Almost made myself puke. But I did finish 2 of them.

Octopus and abalone = best. Only scallops taste horrible.

My favourite black caviar~~~
Oh, notice the century egg sushi? Very special and delicious.

Yum Yum~~~ My choices of ingredients and soup made it perrrrfect.

Seafood kimchi pot. So so la~~~

2. Hon Wei's birthday. (A very important person in my life too) Oh, ended up he treated us dinner. But 2nd round on us :D

The signature mouth again.

Salted fried squid. Delicious till I trembled.

It's really x 1000000000000 yummy!!!

Salted fried chicken. This one is ok also.

Mini Steamboat~

The very important sauce.

Ho ho ho~~~ waiting waiting~~~~

Happy birthday Hon Wei!!!

Full until I couldn't sleep early that night >.<

2 pints of BR for mama~~~ Happy birthday~~~ I love you.

3. Shopping with Zoe. (it's a very long since.... I don't know when)

Woohoo~~~ 2 persons in a fitting room = fun!!

I love this cardigan very much. Cute colours like Lego and very comfy to wear.
But I didn't get it~ KL...... is too hot for me to dress like this. T_T

4. Primary class gathering!! The last time we gathered was.... 10 years ago!!

These 2 girls sat behind me last time. Both turned into hot chicks!!

Our beloved Ms. Ong on the right.

Dreams Shabu- Shabu, YC opens this restaurant.
Very very cute picture~

Just like in wonderland~~~

Lee Li has very voluptuous body now.
I feel like a dwarf standing next to her.

She'll be back to the states soon~ sob sob!
I guess the next time to meet is in her wedding.

Last but not least, a group picture!
But attendance not full, make it 100% next time!!

2nd round, yum cha.
I captured the photographers.

Carmen, still cute and pretty as last time.
It's so good to meet you again.


She's one cheerful girl.

5. One fine Sunday, dine at Pasta Zanmai.

Cute prints on the teacup.

They never disappoint me. :) Slurpppp~~

Shhhh.... DND~ senior citizen is sleeping soundly~

Ok, that's all for now. Have a happy weekend everyone~~~ Oh, Happy Deepavali. Ciao ciao.

--Jenn a.k.a. blueyfetes--

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