Sunday, November 28, 2010

Trip to Lake District - Part 1 (Grasmere and Easedale)

It was near to the end of our summer degree program and it was Ivan's birthday!! I didn't take any picture of how we celebrated as it was a havoc and it was fun making him running up to the 11th? 12th or 13th? floor and back to ground floor again to get clues unlocking something. Hahahaha.

Ticket to The Lake District by the LSU student union.

We were all crazy partied with liquor and did crazy stuff that we had not done in our lives.
We all slept in the common area a.k.a. kitchen.
p/s. actually we're too high and drunk... so just grabbed the sheets out and slept here hehehe

Slept for 2 hours, got up, made lunchbox and went for the trip.
That was why I was fast dead sleping like a pig.

Ahhhh~~~ reached!! Fresh air fresh air~~~

Like the colours of the tree leaves~

In one of the gift shop posing with sheep~


I really love countryside~
1. Scenery
2. Fresh air
3. The nice people

Spotted one dog playing with water~
But when I was in Scotland, saw many many dogs swimming in the sea!!

Duckies are swimming~

That was where we gonna climb!!

And the journey began with some flowers which I don't know the name~

Green~~ go green go green!!

The sheep are big and fat like pigs.

I can start singing 青青河边草 (green green grass by the river)~

Tired face~ but happy!! :)

Easedale was where we were heading~

Still early, so a bit chilly~

Funny that only partly was shone.

It says "new bridge".

I think the people who are living in that house will live longgggg.

A wall of artsy green mold.

Which is suitable for an artsy picture.

No pretty face, so a non-mainstream emo pic for me.
Title: What is my future?

A field of COWS!!

Still a long way to go~

Can you see the waterfall?

Saw one tree which I like very much but my face was like I was doing some "big business".

What was I checking??

10 mins more to reach~

Chocolates made by.............

This cute lil fella!!!

Lamb:" Is she the same species as me? How come so fair also??"
Zoe:" come lar~ come fast~~~ I sayang you~~~"

Ambassador for Friji~

We had walked all the way~~~

It was all worth it!!

Satisfied and happy look~
Love all 3 pictures~

It's one very different waterfall with what we see in Malaysia.

Lunch box was soooo delicious because.....
(I still remember, slept for only 2 hours, we woke up still wanna grill bacon. Wakakaka)

Because of this awesome view~
Nice breeze and air too!

Getting back down~

Another hill~

And another one~

I stood funnily because if I fell, I'd die. >.<

The sign of a strong woman.

Like this pic very very much~

Small yellow flower~ :)

Was trying to suck in all the energy~ 吸收着日月精华~

And became superwoman??

Green green field + blue blue sky~ ♥

Blek~~~~ come if you dare~~~ La la la~~~

Your head is only as big as my hand~~~ la la la~

Smelling buttock!

I can lift you!!

*Taiwanese style to call a model*

How come so different one???!!!

Stupid pose it was!

Vampire!! She's glowing like Edward!!

The water was very cool~

Back to the starting point :)
The weather was very good that day~

Autumn was coming~~~~~

Ahhhh~~~ what a nice cafe~~~~

Yeah.... I need to make a wish.
But my wish never come true. :(

I really miss the time in UK..... when would I be able to go back there??? It's so sad to think of it sometimes yet to have some memories to look back is good enough to me. I should be grateful.

Lake District trip wasn't just like that, I have part 2 for it. Since it is a Lake District trip, how come no lake? So stay tune for part 2~ :D

Thanks for reading! Ciao ciao~~

--Jenn a.k.a. blueyfetes--

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