Monday, January 3, 2011

Happy New Year 2011

Dear blog,

This is the first entry for the year 2011. It was a good start for me, but not to my friend. He was knocked by a car on the 1st Jan 2011 in the midnight and got killed on the spot instantly. Ah Yoh, I will miss you and you will be in our memory forever. May you rest in peace and in a better place right now. Goodbye.

Rewind back to 25 Dec 2010, X'mas day.......

Went to visit dad and found this "ghost" in the cemetery.

Ohhhh.... shooting for Halloween?

Then went to Nilai Memorial Cemetery to visit my grandparents.
Bro got himself a new car.

Pictures of flowers~

Destroyed and eaten!

Yellow and purple orchid~

Angel and flower~

This is really nice~ :)

Flower in bright red colour~


After visiting of cemeteries, went to Souled Out and met up with my babes.

Have to say goodbye very soon~ :'(

PPC, this is a nice hairstyle for ya!


This is superb!

Cheese nachos!! Just that didn't manage to capture the sinful cheese. :P

Merry X'mas babes~

Hmm.... Ping Wei gor gor you not dim lo~ :P

Sexy babe next to me~

Baby, you got a puppy next to you. LOL

The Souled Out Boyz presenting a X'mas dance!!
They're fantastic!!

X'mas present unwrapping time~~~~

Thanks to Zhu Zhu~

Steph and family to me and mom. Thank you~

A very cute and unique card.

30 pieces, down in 2 days.

A purse! (X'mas + my bday T_T)
I like it, just that.......... meaning you won't be here that time....

Body scrub ball. LOL. Thank you PPC~

And this, pressie from secret santa at work!
Everyone was like looking at me with this big black box.

I thought it was a bomb inside. LOL
But awwwww...... how nice pressies they are~

He can sign with this pattern~

A nice dustbin~

With ashtray. Ooops, I don't smoke la~

Hope everyone had a wonderful X'mas and New Year. Let's work hard again for this year to achieve the targets!! Yosh~~~~~

--Jenn a.k.a. blueyfetes--

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