Monday, February 14, 2011

Chester Zoo Weee~~~

Since it's Valentine's Day today, I'm gonna blog something about love. :)

It was a longggggggggggggg waited trip to Chester Zoo! Weeeeee~~~~ Early in the morning, we went to look for Ivan but he wasn't ready yet so I took a short nap in the stairway. LOL.

The strain station~~~ Excited!

Waiting for the train to come~
No, it wasn't late, it was us early. The train in UK is very sharp on time.

Here it comes~

It was a 1 hour journey~ round trip £16.50.

Notice that I'm holding an umbrella?
We experienced something really weird that day.
At the entrance, it was raining. Once entered the zoo, couldn't even feel a drip!

2 sillies.

It was like hey you! watchu looking at?

They're dating. *love is in the air*

And one 摊尸 here.

And then looks like it's drinking its own pee.

The kurang belasah look.

Love these camouflage animal!

Looks exactly like a photoshoped picture. LOL

Then we saw these funny Llama~

She loves it too much and had to kiss it.

We're the gum gum and dum dum.
Don't understand? Go watch Night in The Museum.

The batwomen are here! Beware~

I was blown up that time.

I was thinking...... or rather posing..... hehehe

Girl girl~ your lollies nice ma??

Green everywhere!

Please spot the xiao zhar bo~

First they kissed.

Then they hugged. Awwww.......

The green fringe.

Another fella joined my fringe party~

Serigala berwarna.

Paktoh spot.

Sho cute wanna carry it home!!!
It is Red Panda.

Mine and panda's.

A tiger named Kepala.

Love the way they built the zoo.

Yo! Wassup?

This sea lion is very very cute~~~

Aiyer..... so chubby I wanna cubit~~~~

Looking at you.

A group of Flamingo~

He purposely chose this place to pee and caught everyone's attention.


This is so cool!

This is a very special species with a very unique name which I can not recall.

It's look like a combo of zebra and horse.

This is another rare species.

My camera's battery went flat >.<


cheeky face~

Interactions with the hornbill~

Then sillier things continued....


And the kids imitated. LOL

Jaguar and Puma.

I think she looks more like a bird than a jaguar.

My Super Mario jump with a tucked out tummy. >.<

Kissing the moo moo~

I forgot what song we were chanting but we made passerby smiled.

Love the autumn feel~

Hehehe.... so cute like the jet in airport mania.

She felt so happy by just holding these balloons.

LOL!!! My expression!

Waiting for the train to come~

It was such a happy day trip~ There's so much love in the zoo~~ Seeing all the animals loving their partners is so awesome! Love is in the air~~~~ Even in the zoo~~~ ehehee. Happy Valentine's Day peeps :)

-- Jenn a.k.a. blueyfetes --

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