Wednesday, February 9, 2011

My belated birthday at Poco and Mango Mania

See Pin had made up a belated birthday celebration for me at Poco, Bangsar. It's a very homey kind of restaurant. Had a great celebration there because of the atmosphere in Poco. I can't explain better than pictures. So just look at the pictures please~

Once entered, you can see these decos on your right.

It is indeed a very cute kite. :)

The restaurant itself is not big.
Maybe just hold 20 customers at once.
That's why it's nice.

If you look closer, it says close for reservation.

I wish my fairy tale comes true, so I ordered this - Fairy Tale.

Rachel's Vanilla Red Bean.

They have very nice spoon.

Homemade coaster.

Fried Ebi with Soba.

Fried Ebi with Rice.

This is fish fillet.

And my curry fried rice with omelet.

Japanese pancake.

My long- gone friend is now back.
But I'm not sure would she stay long.

Making your head so small and mine so big.
Thanks for arranging!

Like this paparazzi pic~


Another paparazzi pic~
Like the deco behind~

Happy belated birthday to me~

Clapping for myself =.=

What kind of face is this??!!

LOL!! This is even worse.

Admiring the cute spoons~

Made a wish and....... blow~~~~~

This is called Tofu Cake.

Very nice spoons right??

Our daughter said must take the family portrait again.

Year '08.

Year '10.

I looked damn serious. The mother-look?? >.<

Two hamsters trying to kill each other.

My turn to be the paparazzi~

This is a very good picture of Kalai!

Please ignore that piece of tissue.

It's written "happy birthday" on these spoons.

Left one tiny piece.

And it was mine~~~ HA HA HA!

Door bell~ ♥

Love the colours~

Have a cup of tea~

So homey with the mugs... reminds me of my grandparents. :)

Loving the receipt and beautiful craft work.

After dinner, we changed location to mamak. But they didn't get us seats after we stood there a few minutes like fools. We changed to Mango Mania. :D

Sho smooth~ sho naish~~~~

Weee~~~ with choco topping and strawberries~

So seducing~ I'm craving for one now~

And my weird combination of drink, Iced Lemon Mango Tea.
With mango cubes. 1st sip, weird; 2nd sip, perfect! ^_^

It was a really wonderful night. Had so much fun and chit- chatting with them. I enjoyed myself very much. Looking forward to a next outing soon! Kalai, how's the yee- sang thingy going???
Although it has already past, I want to thank everyone that had wished me and celebrated with me. Muaks to all of you~ ♥

-- Jenn a.k.a. blueyfetes --

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